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"I already knew the litany. 'Don’t go to synagogue. Don’t put your names on any lists. Don’t tell anyone you’re Jewish.'"
"All I knew was that she wasn’t going to take her final breath in a hospital."
"That morning, I’d checked my bank account and realized my husband had visited the ATM at 2 a.m. and taken all our money. I was alone with three kids and $50."
My arm isn’t "missing" and I didn’t "lose" it. It was strategically removed -- and I'm doing it again on Friday.
"Through this process, what surprised me the most are the things that I learned about my friends, even those that I consider my lifelong friends."
"Our 12-year-old daughter would like to pee without being harassed. Lately, she can’t seem to escape it."
"On some deeper level, I always knew that what had happened was rape. Still, when I was finally able to confront my ex, I felt like an impostor."
"I laughed involuntarily. His comment was so absurd and insulting that I felt my brain separate from my body, like I wasn’t there."
"I want to touch and be touched by such a man. I think that you are my only chance at that."
"I was feeling so bolstered from the positive results of the first treatment, I couldn’t wait to jump into bed with my husband. But I was extremely disappointed by what I found."