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"After three years of intensive therapy and a lifetime of denying the reality of my past, I can finally say it out loud," Christian Weissmann shared with HuffPost.
"I’m sitting with The New York Times' esteemed music writer. 'Are you a lesbian?' he asks."
"Where was Marty? Right by my side. He was the ball of fur nestled in my duvet. The damp nose sniffing my tear-soaked face."
"Not once had I wondered if my own rapid-fire thinking ... had any connection to ADHD, the very thing I advertised to clients as my top area of expertise."
"It was 10 months into his treatment when I finally broke in front of him, and he revealed the surprising yet profound truth he was using to guide his way through his diagnosis."
"The women on the app understood my grief and bewilderment better than my own very supportive partner, because they’d been through it or something like it."
“'Of course I support you,' I said. And I meant it. But I meant I supported him on my terms."
"Working with my son to help tell his story has been a highlight of my career. Of my life."
"I was consistently surprised by the smugness with which Northeasterners talked about Alabama without any apparent awareness of our own region’s history of racism."
"I didn’t need food anymore. I had beaten it. I would kill every memory of my fat self."