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"When ski patrol officers flagged me down... they insisted service animals are not allowed on the slopes. But I refused to let that be the end of the conversation."
"A neighbor cautioned that I couldn’t be sure what I saw was a Nazi swastika, since it might have been a Hindu symbol. I wanted to claw their eyes out."
“Can you have sex?” is not and never will be a flirty, fun or appropriate way to start a conversation.
"Health issues are a deeply private experience, and you’re not entitled to know."
"Not only is COVID-19 running roughshod throughout the globe; anxiety itself is making us sick, and I’m watching the mental health crisis play out in real time."
"I can’t bring my son back. But as a bereaved parent, I can ask one thing of the rest of the world."
"I had assumptions about which parts of the country are best and worst. But actually getting to see those places has shattered my ideas."
"My mom’s guidelines were clear: we will accept this, but we will not talk about it — not even with each other."
"COVID-19 has opened a Pandora’s box of emotional, behavioral and mental health issues that will be difficult to put back."
"I couldn’t just come to class. I had to be subjected to racist rhetoric that was very rarely addressed by professors or teaching assistants, particularly by non-Black professors and TAs."