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"How do we begin to mend not only the things that I have experienced but the entire 400 years of intergenerational trauma I have inherited?"
All we could do was isolate at home and do everything we could to beat it on our own.
"Growing up, I was taught to understand 'the Good Book" the way an originalist understands the Constitution, and I now know how dangerous that approach can be."
"Colleges should release their applicants from the need to study for a three-hour test not just during the pandemic but for good."
"It has been well documented that, compared to men, women suffer disadvantages when seeking medical help. We must trust our instincts in the face of denial."
Here I am, trying to figure out whether it is safe to start seeing clients again.
"In Claudia Conway, I see a Gen-Z alter-ego, a teenager I might have been."