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"My daughter’s 'diagnosis' was by far the worst. She said her mom disappeared."
“You make it sound worse than it was,” I replied, though as I said the words, I suddenly wasn’t so sure.
"Prison violence should concern everyone, because most incarcerated people reenter society."
"I could keep chasing thinness. Keep tying my life to it. Or I could let the quest go. Just let it go."
"As I neared the end of my journey, I was still looking for that 'big' moment of revelation, when I hoped to see unmistakable evidence of the Divine."
"I understood that not talking about the pain I was feeling would protect them. So we all learned to pretend."
"'I can’t explain it,' I told my husband. 'But it’s all-consuming. I go to bed thinking about her. I wake up thinking about her.'"
"Almost three decades spent with someone is not easy to shake off in a little over a year — or maybe ever."
"Like so many who were raised in conservative Christianity, the sex education I received was light on 'education' and heavy on shame."
"Over the years, I’ve stressed the importance of kindness. Maybe she’s taken that lesson too far."