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"What my daughter and the other trans children need is for adults to get loud and to do the heavy lifting because they are only kids."
"What is a 'better life' anyway? And could a stranger with a fat bank account provide it?"
"We were murdered, tricked and forced into giving up our homes. The devastation of this loss is still felt today."
"Studies have shown that Asian Americans are the least likely racial group in the U.S. to seek mental health services."
"It seemed to me as a girl growing up that every Black woman had a story about hair falling out — being pulled, worried or burned out — and never growing back."
"After I’d deconstructed my whole belief system and I’d shown God the door, what was left?"
"Unable to keep a job in my 20s, I went on disability and started escorting to make some extra money."
"Too often we bottle up the brokenness, afraid of being perceived as trashy, less-than, damaged, or undesirable."