U.S. Congress

Rep. Clay Higgins, one of at least two Republicans to use warlike rhetoric over Donald Trump's charges, told his Twitter followers to “Buckle up.”
Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) brought the receipts as she grilled Republicans at a congressional hearing.
“In the end, it’s always about the money,” one GOP House member said of the merger between the PGA Tour and Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf.
Greene responded by saying race had nothing to do with her calling Rep. Jamaal Bowman "aggressive."
How Joe Biden shaped the debate, Kevin McCarthy tamed the House Freedom Caucus and more.
Faced with a Monday deadline, a compromise bill with big spending cuts is halfway to President Joe Biden’s desk.
While President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy do spin dances to claim victory on a debt ceiling agreement, the extremists in the House Freedom Caucus vow to torpedo the deal.
After huddling with members, party leaders downplayed divisions.
Both sides can point to some victories in the debt ceiling deal reached between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.
Democratic Rep. Jimmy Gomez compared Greene's call for decorum to "Leonardo DiCaprio telling people to date people their own age."