U.S. Congress

But no GOP House members have actually introduced legislation to protect access to in vitro fertilization.
Lawmakers want to make it an unfair trade practice when companies shrink food and household products but keep the price the same.
Democratic and Republican chiefs say they’ve agreed to again delay a shutdown long enough to vote on delayed spending bills.
“I am thrilled to have secured over $1.4 million to provide cutting-edge medicine to children,” said the Florida congresswoman, who voted against this money.
A fourth temporary spending bill will likely be needed to keep parts of the government from going dark on Saturday.
Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) wants to let states try cutting junk food out of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
The GOP tried to copy the Democrats in the sketch with horribly funny results.
Republican hypocrites scuttle the bipartisan border deal, giving Trump a desperately needed campaign issue.
According to a new estimate, migrants are set to boost the size of the U.S. workforce and the economy.
The New York Democrat blasted congressional Republicans after a string of embarrassing failures.