U.S. Congress

"Their efforts to attack an Air Force and Iraq War veteran who served under Don't Ask, Don't Tell clearly backfired," said her campaign.
Extremist Laura Loomer just won a Republican primary for a congressional seat in Florida. President Donald Trump congratulated her.
President Donald Trump attempted to sidestep Congress after negotiations between Democrats and Republicans remain at an impasse over new coronavirus aid.
In a legally ambiguous move, the president turned to executive orders while negotiations between Democrats and Republicans remain at an impasse.
The White House rejected an offer from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the two sides remain far apart.
A new study takes a second look at the percentage of laid-off workers getting better pay from the enhanced unemployment benefits that expired last week.
Lawmakers have yet to reach an agreement on the next coronavirus economic relief plan.
There's going to be a lapse in benefits even if the Senate Republican leader agrees to a reauthorization this week.
The attorney general faced sharp questions and criticism from Democratic lawmakers at a House Judiciary Committee hearing.
The president had to cancel his nominating party in Florida, he trails badly behind Joe Biden, and Republican lawmakers are ignoring his demands on Capitol Hill.