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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has “lived to regret" his association with the former president, said the Fox Sports commentator.
"The Late Show" host shows how they're trying to evade detection on Facebook.
The delayed adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 sci-fi classic looks like a masterpiece. It hits theaters and HBO Max Oct. 22.
The "13 Reasons Why" star spoke at length about her gender identity to Time magazine. "This is an evolution of Tommy," she said.
Previously, the actor said she was "definitely hurt" at being the only principal cast member not to receive a nomination during the beloved sitcom's 10-season run.
The 24-year-old New Zealand native created a drinking game with the "Late Night" host where she repeatedly asked him what her very long real name is.
The "Late Show" host gave the Ohio congressman a lesson in his own recent history.
“They’re cleaning up the streets so COVID can spread safely."
The former Fox News Channel personality accused former producer Andrea Mackris of violating a non-disclosure agreement by talking about her experiences with him.
One of Dorothy Gale’s iconic farm-girl frocks was rumored to be somewhere in the Catholic University of America’s drama department.