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The Grammys finally gave the genre its due in a jam-packed tribute that saw Run D.M.C., Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, Lil Wayne, Nelly and dozens more take the stage.
The singer unleashed his fury on the famous pianist on Instagram, writing “Yall playing. Who da f**k is this?”
The host teased that he did his “research” on this year’s nominees before the show to find out who to match up.
The "Watermelon Sugar" singer is freeing his nipples as he arrives for the awards.
“They were so brave," the "Last of Us" star said of his parents, who fled the brutal Pinochet regime in Chile.
The "Marlowe" actor said the former professional fighting champion "gives Ireland a bad name."
“I got a tally in my head of how few photos I get asked for in a day,” said Harington. “And when it gets below a certain number, I think I’ll do a spin-off.”
A cause of death for the two-time Oscar-nominee hasn’t been made public.
The actor also spoke out about the sexual abuse allegations against him.
Groff tells HuffPost that portraying one-half of a same-sex couple in M. Night Shyamalan's apocalyptic thriller “feels like the gift of a lifetime.”