Here are the risks of going to restaurants, seeing family and friends, traveling and more after getting vaccinated.
"I’d love to have another kid but where would we put their art."
The favorite choices for dogs and cats have some overlap with the most popular baby names over time.
Experts weigh the pros and cons of getting intimate at different times of the day.
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State lawmakers are pushing a bill to stop transferring people upon their release from prison to immigration detention.
Springsteen pleaded guilty to a third charge — consuming alcohol in the Gateway National Recreation Area.
The Texas senator picked the wrong "Star Wars" target while defending Gina Carano.
Pastor Jim Conrad's Georgia church was expelled from the Southern Baptist Convention for accepting a queer couple.
Electricity price-gouging in storm-struck Texas is just a glimpse of the nation’s looming utility debt crisis.
"Hope the 'concern and confusion' is now put to rest," the Good American founder said after her photos caused a stir.
The entire cast of “Saturday Night Live” wanted to flee when the then-"Apprentice" host first came on the show in 2004.
The former Beatle's upcoming book, “The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present,” will trace his life through 154 songs.
HuffPost obtained a request for Biden to stop a plan to label goods from the occupied West Bank as "Made in Israel."
“Starting a petition for a 13 Going On 30 sequel IMMEDIATELY. We’ll worry about the concept later,” one person wrote.
The deadly U.S. Capitol riot "cannot be minimized," said the third-ranking House Republican.
"You get thrown in the padded room or put in stretcher restraints and tied up," she said of her experience as a teen.

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