Joe Biden

The Kentucky Republican's explanation for why he thinks the GOP is ready to approve an impeachment inquiry got mocked by a Biden aide.
The president also had a challenge for the conspiracy theorist lawmaker and "Beetlejuice" fan.
The former president may have revealed the truth about his own intentions.
Muslim community leaders from several swing states are pledging to withdraw support for President Biden, citing his refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.
House Republicans' impeachment inquiry has yet to come up with evidence of wrongdoing.
Photographic evidence reveals that all U.S. presidents, lawmakers and even a 58-year-old former GOP House speaker use notes in meetings.
Brett McGurk has sought to put a Saudi-Israeli relationship "at the forefront" of the U.S.'s Middle East policy — downplaying Palestinian concerns and human rights.
The California governor hit back at DeSantis for saying Biden has "no business running for president" in 2024.
Gas prices were finally starting to go down, but a new OPEC+ deal means they’re expected to rise soon.
The Fox Business host made a cringey transition after a right-wing media report about the hostage's family.