Joe Biden

The senator from Massachusetts said she plans to continue pressing the president to do more on child care and other issues.
April’s disappointing jobs report added urgency to Democrats' calls for a massive infrastructure and jobs package.
The president "is moving in our direction" after previously saying he would forgive only up to $10,000 per borrower, the top Senate Democrat told HuffPost.
Ivanka, Don. Jr and Eric spent more than $140,000 on travel and hotels for their Secret Service protection in the first month of Joe Biden's presidency.
The president expressed bafflement at GOP attacks on Liz Cheney as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell pledged “100%” opposition to the White House.
Pfizer plans to ask for approval to administer its COVID-19 vaccine to children ages 2 to 11.
The "Fox & Friends" host fired back at the young student with a defense of the former president.
“What the f**k is going on in this photo?” asked "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah. But there's a reason why the Bidens tower over the Carters in the viral image.
The conspiracy theory-endorsing Colorado Republican tried to dunk on a photo of the Bidens and it did not go well.
The president also wants roughly half the U.S. population fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by that date.