Joe Biden

After racial justice protests erupted in New York, Seattle and Portland, Trump attempted to cut the cities' federal funding by labeling them "anarchist."
The first lady told the talk show host that things happen for the best and that life will eventually “look better.”
“I would be surprised if there was support in the Republican caucus if the bill comes out at $1.9 trillion," said Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.
The Biden administration's report, to be released on Thursday, reportedly found that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved the journalist's killing.
President Joe Biden's pick to lead the White House budget office has run into a series of troubles since her nomination was announced.
HuffPost obtained a private request for the president to stop a plan to label goods from the occupied West Bank as "Made in Israel."
"It’s nice when the Americans are not pulling out all the references to climate change and instead adding them in," said the Canadian prime minister.
The decision was made without Miguel Cardona, President Biden's nominee to run the Education Department.
A Black pharmacist said that though she was initially “more reluctant” to get vaccinated, she ultimately got the shot and is now urging others to do the same.
The president’s POTUS account stopped following her shortly after, prompting the model to post yet another funny tweet.