Regulators say Exclusive Poultry Inc. had kids as young as 14 working to debone chickens with sharp knives and "operate power-driven lifts to move pallets.”
The music streaming service hopes the cuts, which amount to about 1,500 people, will help it become profitable.
Unionized workers at Amazon, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s and REI have accused their employers of refusing to bargain. “That's absolutely part of their strategy."
Gas prices were finally starting to go down, but a new OPEC+ deal means they’re expected to rise soon.
Protests and strikes were organized in more than 30 countries as part of the annual "Make Amazon Pay" event.
A new complaint is part of a slew of charges against the dinner theater chain that allege illegal union-busting.
The deals include raises of at least 33% over four and a half years when cost-of-living adjustments are included.
Judges have ruled in more than 30 cases that Starbucks violated workers' rights, and more decisions are in the pipeline.
A new survey shows U.S. adults are far more likely to tip certain service workers than others.
The nuclear startup, NuScale, had planned to build its first small modular reactors in Idaho, with more than $1 billion from the U.S. government. Not anymore.