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Billions of dollars in contracts have been awarded to politically connected Americans, even as Puerto Ricans suffer electricity outages.
The self-balancing scooter that was popular with tourists and police officers but also associated with high-profile crashes, will be retired next month.
The Culinary Workers Union is urging state leaders to issue a mask-wearing requirement since too many customers apparently can't take a hint.
It doesn't appear these positions will be returning after the pandemic.
The social media app created a filter to celebrate the anniversary of the end of slavery in the U.S., but many users criticized it as “ridiculous” and “awkward.”
Will bar culture as we know it return with reopening? We asked seven bartenders about the future of their industry and how they're holding up.
The brands join Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben's in looking at the racist histories of their longtime mascots.
Two women on H-2B visas say they fell ill with COVID-19 but were told not to leave company housing for the hospital -- allegations the company denies.
The company’s former head of diversity filed a bombshell suit after the bank’s CEO declared his commitment to diversity.