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Companies can reduce hours instead of doing layoffs, and the government will pay part of the missing wages.
What steps to take and bills to prioritize as unemployment spreads with the coronavirus.
No desk? No problem. These finds will help you stay organized even if you're working from your bed.
Their complaints could upend a bill crafted over several days of intense negotiations.
"How will so many of us continue to pay bills, juggle child care and work and live on such limited — and now vanishing — funds?"
More workers would qualify and would receive bigger benefits.
"Suddenly, I’ve been promoted from invisible hummus stocker to brave service provider."
It’s “beyond shameful” that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell won't prioritize it, one advocate says.
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Several states have reopened their health insurance exchanges for a short time. Elsewhere, enrollment may be possible for those who lose their job.
Restaurant workers will show up to work sick because they need the money and the job.
One house cleaner lost all her clients. Another is worried about being infected if she goes to work. Neither will get paid if they stay home.
Workers are already being asked or forced to take time off without pay because of COVID-19.
There are ways to help people without putting yourself or others at risk from COVID-19.
Because we could all use a laugh right now.
A terrifying prospect in the middle of the coronavirus epidemic: More than half of workers at the biggest chains can't get time off when they're ill.
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Telecommuting tends to be a luxury for higher earners. The nature of service jobs, in particular, can make it impossible.
If you're working remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic, we've got you covered.
Weeks on your own might be the dream for some, but it can quickly become frustrating.
Making sure your colleagues feel seen and heard is what you need to prioritize if you're working from home during the coronavirus outbreak.