“If this isn’t public corruption, I don’t know what is," said Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried, referring to reported vaccine distribution by Gov. DeSantis.
The 85-year-old spiritual leader received his first shot of the vaccine in Dharmsala, a town in northern India.
"When ski patrol officers flagged me down... they insisted service animals are not allowed on the slopes. But I refused to let that be the end of the conversation."
The governor's vaccine distribution plan excludes most incarcerated people even though they are uniquely vulnerable to the coronavirus.
"I really am disabled now, so it really does take a toll."
"And THAT'S That" hosts Taryn Finley, Shaquille Romblay and Ja’han Jones discuss Black women leading the charge during times of crisis, and what true appreciation looks like.
The report was released shortly after Texas, Mississippi and other states abandoned all basic COVID-19 safety measures.
Brazil has the world’s second-highest death toll over the past year, after the United States.
“Injections save lives, both yours and mine, as anyone that has watched ‘Pulp Fiction’ will know," artist John D'oh said of his John Travolta art in Bristol, England.
Dr. Michael Osterholm delivers a stark warning to states moving to reopen too quickly.