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Falwell could return in some capacity to the evangelical Christian institution his father founded, people close to Liberty University claim.
"Little kids only want to be independent when you’re running late."
"The most difficult part of grocery shopping now is holding your breath for 45 minutes."
Now that we’ve mastered conference calls with children hanging off of us, these remote working insights will prove valuable well beyond lockdown.
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This election year calls for some over-the-top reminders that everyone needs to cast a ballot come November.
Young Life, an evangelical ministry, purposefully hides its anti-LGBTQ theology and turns queer people away after they're already invested in the program, activists say.
The celebrity couple promised a "beautiful surprise" at the end of the video for the song "Wild."
Le Creuset's cookware is known for being pricey. But now you can get the brand's Dutch ovens and casserole dishes on sale.
We found everything from activewear and slippers to candles that'll make spending more time at home even cozier.
Voting is already hard. Housing insecurity and the coronavirus pandemic are only going to make it worse.
Kick back, because there's lots of affordable plus-size workout gear like sports bras, leggings and biker shorts at Amazon.
Here's a brief rundown of the coronavirus risk associated with drinking from a public water fountain.
This Instant Pot blender can handle the heat (and the cold), and you can get it now on sale at Amazon.
Of quartz you'll want to bookmark these brands for eco-friendly and ethical fine jewelry.
The actor reflects on parenting, appreciating teachers and watching reruns of her hit show with her daughter.
This is what's known so far about a COVID-19 vaccine and the pandemic.
Experts break down coronavirus immunity, vaccines and why antibody tests aren't really that accurate.
Candace Valenzuela won her primary in Texas on a progressive platform and now faces a Republican opponent, with a chance to make history in November.
Educators around the country face a range of emotions and situations — none of which their training has prepared them for.
Pratt also shares a 7-year-old son with ex-wife Anna Faris.

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