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She said an official told her, "Time is not on your side, the corpse is decomposing."
The body of Vladimir Putin's longtime foe is being hidden, his mother alleged.
The monarch made the comments during his first meeting with the prime minster this year.
The landmark expected to be at the heart of celebrations for the 2024 Paris Olympics remains off-limits to visitors.
Israeli strikes across Gaza killed at least 67 Palestinians overnight and into Wednesday, including in areas where civilians have been told to seek refuge.
The World Food Program has paused deliveries of food to isolated northern Gaza because of increasing chaos, hiking fears of potential starvation.
An Israeli sabotage attack on an Iranian natural gas pipeline caused the multiple explosions that struck it a week ago.
The alleged acts may "amount to serious crimes under international criminal law," said the experts, pointing to reports of violence and sexual assault.
Yulia Navalnaya joined the platform on Monday, three days after her husband's death in a Russian penal colony.
It's an unusual statement from a member of the royal family, who have to stay apolitical.