“My dream has always been to originate a character on Broadway," Gustin told HuffPost. "It had started to feel like it wasn’t possible."
“It doesn’t take much to get out of position here," Woods said.
The “Ted Lasso” star confronted a photographer who apparently made a sexist remark.
The iconic singer's landmark performance was cut off at the exact wrong time -- and viewers are livid.
The “Transformers” star says she’s “never had more people text me about something.”
The "Dune" star shared an update on what happened after she accused an unnamed actor of yelling at her on set earlier this year.
"Now she’s the most played woman on country radio. ... I guess she's coming for that market."
The "Full House" star discussed the experience during a recent appearance on podcast, “How Rude, Tanneritos!”
"Lately I’ve been taking my power back," said the "Sister, Sister" star.
"Part of being young and queer and coming out and joining this community — entering into this space — is learning your history. ... Knowing just how much work it has taken to get us where we are today."