A photo shows Lesley Stahl holding a giant book the press secretary claimed held "just a small part" of Donald Trump's health care accomplishments.
Lewis was the voice behind the 1986 hits like "Your Love," and "All The Love."
The first lady has decided against accompanying the president to a campaign rally Tuesday in Erie, Pennsylvania, because of a lingering cough after her bout with COVID-19
The former vice president tweeted a birthday message to, possibly, the future one.
The rapper slammed the president's son with just two words.
"Now I'd be like, 'I'm not saying that,'" the reality star said of the manipulated dialogue.
The former couple's Instagram behavior has seemed particularly flirty.
The "Late Show" host mocks Texas Sen. John Cornyn for saying he only disagrees with Trump in private.
"The Big Lebowski" actor slipped back into his most memorable role to reveal the heartbreaking news on Twitter.
The HBO comedian made a secret trip to Connecticut last week to help cut the ribbon at the newly named "John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant.”