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Janet Fenner and Gregory Dabice got married on the 50-yard line of Sprague Field at New Jersey's Montclair State University.
Who knew that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were so great at giving gifts?
These books pay tribute to the powerful role educators play in kids' lives.
"Finding Freedom," a book about the royal couple, still leaves out this very important detail.
The demonstrations over the weekend came followed the re-election of President Andrzej Duda, who campaigned on a strong anti-LGBTQ platform.
Sal Bardo wrote “Requited” out of his frustration with queer narratives. The indie festival favorite hits YouTube this month to mark its 10th anniversary.
The "Jurassic Park" actor and his husband reimagine 2005's "Songs From an Unmade Bed" to reflect the coronavirus pandemic.
The campaign event headlined by White House spiritual adviser Paula White led to a $250 fine against the Ahern Hotel for violating coronavirus prevention rules.
"People who say 'enjoy every moment' have never sat next to my kids eating chips."
Some people aren't just OK with hooking up during menstruation — they actually love it. Here's what their lives are like.
There's nothing inherently wrong with porn, but reaching orgasm with your fantasies alone has a ton of incredibly pleasurable perks.
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Mayor Eric Garcetti said the measure, aimed at curbing a recent coronavirus spike, will focus on residents known to have “repeatedly engaged in such behavior.”