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“There is no definitely proven drug that is effective against this disease," said the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
The president's son posted the clip even as the U.S. became the country with the highest number of confirmed cases in the world.
As more people are stuck at home and reality shows pause production, the search for love continues via our screens — and Instagram feeds.
At a time when Trump is fueling racist "Chinese virus" rhetoric and Asian Americans are being spit on and attacked, this seems like a terrible idea.
The postponements of two more Hollywood movies, which were slated to open in June, suggest COVID-19 could keep cultural institutions closed for months.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Olympic officials reached the decision out of concern for the global spread of COVID-19.
The president called for Asian Americans to be protected but did not acknowledge he'd played a role in their vilification.
Title IX processes are being delayed across the country -- leaving many survivors to wonder what justice looks like during a pandemic.
The former NBA star said Trump's "subtle anti-Chinese message only empowers more hate towards asians."
The president has come under fire for repeatedly referring to the coronavirus as the "Chinese Virus."
The coronavirus pandemic is fueling racism that often unfolds right in front of bystanders.
The White House defended the phrase "Chinese Virus" as no different than West Nile, Zika and Ebola viruses, but experts say that practice is harmful.
After months of properly referring to it, the president is now insisting on calling COVID-19 the "Chinese virus."
"The president's dog whistle is unconscionable and could inspire unthinkable actions and dangerous consequences for families like mine."
Previously, Marrz Balaoro wed couples in secret to avoid being arrested.
Octavia Butler, Gabriel García Márquez and other authors wrote characters who mastered the art of self-preservation.
Taran and Calliope Tien found a musical way to help out 78-year-old Helena Schlam during the coronavirus pandemic this week.
Politicians, actors and commentators denounced the president's xenophobic description of the coronavirus.
Students worry about how losing the rest of the semester on campus will affect their professional plans and educational opportunities.
The "Claws" and "Deputy" actor's fight to be taken seriously in Hollywood has led her to step away from her past baggage.