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COVID-19 isn't the only issue we're fighting. Exhaustion among medical professionals is more severe than ever.
The "Russian Doll" star's latest character "could not give a flying hoot," which she says helped her stay chill around Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.
Her neighborhood business will serve food made in-house daily by Asian elders, including her own mother.
How bad will it be? How can you tell influenza apart from COVID? When should you get the vaccine? Here's what to know.
The cookbook author posted an Instagram Story about getting plastic surgery to take buccal fat from her face.
Low vaccination rates in poor countries and onerous quarantines risk tilting 2021's U.N. climate talks further in rich nations' favor. Advocates worry that’s by design.
Jennifer Sung signed a 2018 letter making that claim about the then-Supreme Court nominee. She wouldn’t disavow it in her Senate confirmation hearing.
Stressed, burned out and don't have enough time for yourself? This is for you.
The 2021 VMAs aired live from New York City after last year's mostly virtual ceremony.
The gig was far removed from the "international prestige" of the runway, the "Shang-Chi" star said.