Asian Voices

The multi-faith group called on public officials to commit to a peaceful transition of power or continuation of leadership based on legitimate election results.
Peggy Noonan wrote that the Democratic vice presidential nominee is "coming across as insubstantial, frivolous" and that her dancing was "embarrassing."
"The people who are supposed to protect us are doing nothing," wrote the comedian, whose wife, Emily V. Gordon, is immunocompromised.
"The reason I want to have conversations about these topics in the middle of the day on live public radio is not to be salacious. Quite the opposite, in fact."
President Donald Trump made the false claim during Thursday's presidential debate, while attempting to deflect blame for his disastrous COVID-19 response.
The president also referred to himself as the "least racist person" in the room and said he'd done more for Black people than any president since Abraham Lincoln.
After a disaster of a first debate, Welker kept Donald Trump in check and asked tough questions of both candidates.
The White House ban on anti-racism training is an authoritarian attack on free speech and already doing serious damage.
Though doctrine hasn't changed, queer U.S. Catholics say the pope's endorsement could be crucial in countries where same-sex relationships aren't recognized.
Throughout this year, Asian Americans have experienced a surge in racist attacks, as Trump has attacked China and used racist slurs to refer to COVID-19.