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At the presidential debate, the South Bend mayor was asked how he'd succeed where Barack Obama failed.
The president was touring a facility in Austin, Texas, with Apple CEO Tim Cook.
The photographers documenting conditions at the U.S.-Mexico border were unlawfully tracked, detained and interrogated, the ACLU says.
Ten 2020 presidential hopefuls spar in Atlanta on Wednesday.
His fallback argument is that presidents have full authority to shape foreign policy, even to help their own campaigns.
One Twitter user said the wine "pairs well with bribery."
The rapper has said he finds some of King Nebuchadnezzar's woes very relatable.
Congress may actually do something to stem the crisis of Native women and girls disappearing and being killed.
The European Union ambassador repeatedly refused to answer Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney's question during testimony in the House impeachment inquiry.
The humor magazine's editors call the Senate majority leader "The Man of Stall" and say he is “able to block democracy in a single bound.”
The utility shut off power as a preventative effort ― but such cuts can leave vulnerable groups who depend on electricity at risk.
After a photo of the president's notepad went viral, Twitter users responded by offering alternative versions of his notes.
The MORE Act passed with bipartisan support in the House Judiciary Committee.
The ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee did not look thrilled after Gordon Sondland testified in Wednesday's impeachment hearing.
Speaking to reporters outside the White House, the president read from handwritten notes claiming his innocence.
Mental health advocates have raised concerns that less comfortable environments for patients could be less healthy.
The money is part of the $400 million package delayed by President Donald Trump, which sparked an impeachment inquiry.
The 22nd Amendment bars a president from serving more than two terms, but "The Irishman" star is nevertheless worried.
And when it was pointed out that Tubman was Black, the executive offensively dismissed the concern.
The two follow Gordon Sondland on a bombshell day of hearings about Trump's dealings with Ukraine.