Social Justice

The immigration program for "Dreamers" must be suspended, a federal judge in Texas ruled.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement says requests for drivers’ personal data aren’t related to immigration enforcement. Experts worry that’s not true.
The new Biden administration policy could lead to the quick release of up to 13 women currently in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.
Undocumented farmworkers worked in 100+ degrees to get food on people's tables. They want federal heat standards and a pathway to citizenship.
The alleged shooter wrote about "the superiority of the white race. About whites being ‘apex predators,’" the district attorney said. "He drew swastikas.”
The case involves people who had been previously deported and, when detained after re-entering the United States illegally, claimed that they would be persecuted or tortured if sent back.
More than 7,400 Venezuelans were encountered by Border Patrol agents along the U.S.-Mexico border last month — more than all 14 years for which records exist.
Republicans have relentlessly dogged the vice president for not visiting the border sooner, but Harris said there was strategy to her timeline.
The vice president has faced relentless criticism from Republicans for not visiting the border in recent months.
A new study warns of rapidly growing fortunes being concentrated in fewer hands that have never known hard work.