BAFTA Awards

A BBC reporter at last week's ceremony asked the actor about the "naked dance scene" in "Saltburn" — before inquiring about Barry Keoghan's penis.
While he admittedly told actor Mia McKenna-Bruce he hadn't seen her film, the prince really should have — before remarking on the "fun" she must have had.
The Prince of Wales, who is the president of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, left fans gobsmacked by this admission.
An unidentified man joined Christopher Nolan and his wife, "Oppenheimer" producer Emma Thomas, on stage Sunday night during their Best Film win.
The visibly uncomfortable "All Of Us Strangers" star walked away during the bizarre exchange with a reporter at the BAFTAs.
The BAFTAs responded to backlash after Perry, both a film and television actor, was left out of the tribute.
The “Maestro” star’s custom Louis Vuitton suit is certainly his most unique look yet.
The atomic bomb epic won big during the British Academy Film Awards on Sunday.
The actor's stepfather, television director Roy Battersby, died at the age of 87 last week.
The "Succession" star's speech got off to a chaotic start and just kept going.