Several fans captured an angry-looking Gomez at the show.
The "Break My Soul" singer told the crowd that she "wouldn't be on this stage if it wasn't for Tina Turner."
"Give it up for Blue," the singer said as the 11-year-old joined dancers in grooving to the song "My Power."
The record executive gushed over the thought of the group reuniting, adding that "fans will be just overjoyed.”
The show, which examines the toxicity of stan culture, quickly had one of the most talked-about television debuts, and not just because of that sex scene.
For weeks, Ticketmaster put fans wanting to attend the concerts through hell — and they are furious.
She put Missy Elliott in that blow-up tracksuit and dressed Jay-Z in yellow linen. Fashion stylist and creative director June Ambrose discusses the impact of her iconic looks and what motivates her to be an industry changemaker.
"We know what the deal is," the legendary director said about the singer's loss.