Bill Maher

The former New York governor was previously accused by 11 different women of nonconsensual kissing, touching and sexual remarks.
Maher recently criticized Stern for praising his own wife on his own show — and said Stern should think about his ex-wife before doing so.
Stern said Maher “ought to shut his mouth” after the political commentator criticized him for expressing his love for his wife, Beth Stern.
Maher's announcement comes a day after Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Hudson and "The Talk" announced plans to postpone returning to the air.
Maher’s decision follows an instance where he called WGA strike demands “kooky.” It also comes after Drew Barrymore announced her show would air despite the strike, too.
The "Real Time" host described the actor's decision to go off-script with his controversial comments as "ballsy."
The filmmaker told Bill Maher it happened during a Jim Brown movie with an all-Black theater audience.
"I want to thank the Supreme Court for reminding women they're second-class citizens" in time for the midterms, Michael Moore quipped sarcastically.
The "View" co-host said the "Real Time" comedian's gags were "not really funny to people who have lost their kids" to the coronavirus.
The talk show host is fully vaccinated and "feels fine," HBO said.