Brad Pitt

Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, share three children together.
It's so gross to me that any grown man would even *want* to date a teenager.
Ed Zwick recalled in his new book how tensions erupted with the cinema heartthrob.
The "Atlanta" actor said the Oscar winner sidestepped giving him pointers for starring in the series, which is based on Pitt's 2005 film with Angelina Jolie.
Priestley had some ripe memories from living with Pitt.
The “Maleficent” star also opened up about how she wouldn’t have become an actor in today’s Hollywood culture.
Jolie's new ink has yet to be revealed in full — but the tattoo artist said it's "NOTHING related with Brad Pitt."
Dunst has been praised for the way that she stood her ground as a child star by repeatedly pointing out that it was “weird” and “gross” for her to have to kiss a grown man.
“Pitt is an actor, not a winemaker,” read a new court filing against the actor. “He deals in illusions, not dirt and grapes.”