“The Christmas season will be canceled.” President Donald Trump claimed Democratic nominee Joe Biden would call off the holiday if elected.
Trump attacked Joe Biden, but seemed to forget who the president is for 2020.
These Sephora beauty and makeup gift sets are sure to sell out well before the holiday season.
"The Christmas House" will feature Bennett and Brad Harder as gay dads-to-be. The film is slated for a Nov. 22 release.
The network will release "The Christmas Setup" as well as “A Sugar & Spice Holiday,” which follows a Chinese American family, later this year.
"Diversity and inclusion is a top priority for us," a spokesperson for the cable network said, days after its announced holiday lineup was met with criticism.
Break out the eggnog and crank up the carols, the holiday is making a March return amid shelter-in-place orders.
The “We Need a Little Christmas” marathon, which kicks off Friday, features 27 Hallmark holiday films.
The president's son rekindled the "war on Christmas" rhetoric at a press conference in Iowa.
The "Dolittle" star gleefully sent a pig bowl and other presents into oblivion.