"I love when a black cat is in the sun bc it’s like surprise bitch I have lowlights"
"It isn’t talking to yourself if there is a dog around"
“My kids didn’t drop any food on the floor during dinner, and I’ve never seen our dog look so sad.”
One person suggested the dog might be commenting on the University of Louisville men’s 4-26 record this season.
Jennifer McBride was sentenced to two years probation after she was arrested in connection with stealing the singer's French bulldogs in 2021.
"accidentally called my cat the wrong name while sleep deprived/high and i feel like i just got caught on an episode of cheaters"
These tools are no match for stubborn pet hair stuck on furniture, carpets or clothes.
"I tell my cat 'I know' whenever he meows but I’ll be honest, I have no idea."
Puppy Bowl XIX, the dog-themed alternative to the Super Bowl, aired on Animal Planet before the big game on Sunday.
"Dogs are cool because they're like a little dude with 10 IQ points. Cats are cool because you feel as if you've brokered a contract with a minor demon."