Funny Tweets

"Introverts be like: How rude of you not to invite me to something I didn't want to go."
"if you post your dog on social media i hope you know that i have an emotional attachment to them and they are our dog now."
"My cat doing a hundred annoying things in the background while I'm WFH is still not as bad as the times my coworker clipped his fingernails at his desk."
"No one is as obnoxiously well-behaved as a child whose sibling is getting yelled at."
"Why do we call them olives and not Greece’s pieces."
"More like detachment parenting am I right?!?"
"People who say 'enjoy every moment' have never sat next to my kids eating chips."
"It takes an entire village’s whiskey to raise a child."
Love 'em or hate 'em, people have thoughts about the popular fruit.