Halle Berry

“‘I’m in menopause!’” the actor shouted on Capitol Hill as a bill to improve women's health was introduced.
Amanda Seyfried took the role of Sophie Hall in "Letters to Juliet" because "sometimes, when you want to buy an apartment in Manhattan, you gotta do one or two [romantic comedies]."
The Oscar-winning actor discussed the incident during a sit-down conversation at an event with first lady Jill Biden.
Nearly four decades into her career, Michelle Yeoh found that "as you get older, the roles get smaller" and "you start getting relegated to the side more and more." However, "Everything Everywhere All At Once" broke that cycle by casting her in the lead.
A Netflix executive said the creative team behind "The Mothership" was also in favor of pulling the plug.
The “Maude v Maude” star says the two found common ground while working together on the new film after dishing about their previous relationships.
The actor said Drake ignored her when she told him she wasn't cool with being on his album cover.
The Oscar winner wore all pink to celebrate her birthday with boyfriend Van Hunt and her 15-year-old daughter.
The director and Oscar-winning actor discussed "old ideologies" about women and having kids by a certain age.
Quinta Brunson, Halle Berry and Mark Hamill were among the stars reacting Twitter's plan to drop their verified status.