Jamie Lee Curtis

After years of hints, rumors and anticipation, Lohan is giving millennial fans of the 2003 body-swap comedy what they want.
After actor Bella Ramsey read a quip off a teleprompter that implied Ariana DeBose can’t sing, Curtis unleashed an explosive rampage on Instagram.
Curtis, who co-starred with Lohan in the 2003 comedy, dropped a not-so-subtle hint for followers in a reunion snap on Instagram.
Curtis ignored the photographer's own description of the image, which showed children in northern Gaza seeking refuge from Israeli airstrikes.
"I am floored," the "Halloween" actor wrote in a glowing Instagram post.
“I don’t care what side you’re on," said Curtis. "It’s happening, and there are things we can do to ameliorate it and to try to stem the tide.”
The actor celebrated her on-screen daughter's baby news with a throwback.
Curtis said fans couldn't stop asking her about the body-swap comedy during her recent press tour for "Halloween Ends" — and she called Disney about a sequel.
The "Everything Everywhere All At Once" star told "Today" that her way of referencing the statue is "in support of my daughter Ruby."