The "Jeopardy!" host seemed like he would gracefully decline the contestant's wacky ask, but actually followed through on it.
Some viewers had a field day teasing the game show contestant for his sports fail.
A "Jeopardy!" contestant wrote that he "got caught flatfooted" after the game show's host Ken Jennings asked him for clarification.
The "Reading Rainbow" host previously said he was "thrilled" to be part of the show, an adaptation of Trivial Pursuit.
The show's new season will be significantly altered by studio executives' continued refusal to resolve the WGA strike.
At least seven recent "Jeopardy!" champions who were slated to participate said they would not cross the WGA picket line in solidarity with the show’s writers.
At least seven contestants slated for the upcoming Tournament of Champions say they won’t participate if the WGA strike continues into the fall.
“It was not what I was expecting,” Anji Nyquist said of a recent Q&A she did with fans who told her she’s the “hottest contestant ever” to compete on the show.
The "Jeopardy!" host got real about profound bouts of uncertainty.
"Heathens!" one viewer wrote after the "Jeopardy!" contestants were stumped by a well-known prayer.