Kate Winslet

The “Regime” star hilariously described how awkward things got behind the scenes while shooting the truly absurd moment.
Winslet wasn't impressed with a certain accent the "Oppenheimer" actor tried to do during the audition.
"When you’re young, you’re so afraid of pissing people off," the "Titanic" actor told The New York Times.
The British actor named one romantic comedy that people praise her for.
"The Regime" is yet another vehicle for Kate Winslet's formidable talent — but the show quickly runs out of steam.
The "Avatar 2" actor said she found life "quite unpleasant."
The English actor is candidly reflecting on the making of a classic — and meeting the “mess of long, skinny, uncoordinated limbs” named Leonardo.
The Oscar winner also juggled acting and producing while recovering from serious injuries she sustained on the first day on filming.
The actor has some strong words for the media after the body-shaming she endured post-"Titanic."