Late Night Shows

The “Daily Show” correspondent parodied the conservative network to explain why it’s all so unfair to Donald Trump.
The “Tonight Show” host cited some made-up polls to present his suggestions.
"That's not the Donald Trump I know, and I played full contact hockey without a helmet this morning," the "Daily Show" correspondent quipped.
Colbert's "Late Show" audience also erupted over a joke about a "shocking" development in Donald Trump's hush money trial.
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host also hit the former president with a mocking new nickname.
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said his wife placed the upside-down American flag after a dispute with a neighbor.
The former president's campaign has said the extended pause was for "dramatic effect."
The "Late Night" host zeroed in on Reps. Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz, who both showed up to the Manhattan courthouse.
The fake interview included real videos of the former president — with very silly results.