Late Night Shows

Several other late night hosts are reportedly still keeping their staff paid as the strike enters its third week.
Some TV shows have already shut down and will air reruns instead.
“Two things I’m most passionate about in life are paying my landlord and making people laugh,” joked Noah about the upcoming project.
“I know this sounds really far out, and I don’t know if it’s real or not... but that somehow seems like maybe it happened,” he said.
"The Late Show" host zinged Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump in predicting things "we're pretty sure could happen" while Hollywood writers are on strike.
The host of "The Late Show" couldn't wait to say this.
The late night host found an unbelievable video from the ex-president's supporters.
The comedian revealed that he was "extremely flattered" to get a request to host as Jon Stewart exited the show in 2015.
"The Daily Show" correspondent, who hosted this week, said she knew after the incident that political tensions had reached a "whole other world."