The list will be curated by the public, and individual local libraries will then decide whether or not to remove the books.
Terri Lesley’s firing is a harbinger of what could come next, as versions of her story are replicated around the country.
The former president warned that the censorship is antithetical to First Amendment freedoms and thanked librarians working "on the front lines."
"People’s remarks ranged from the hurtful to the dangerous... 'lock her up ― she’s indoctrinating our children,' and 'kill her on national television.'"
The Wright brothers had conducted their first airplane flight the year prior to when the overdue book was last in the Massachusetts library.
A new law signed in Illinois will require the state's libraries to uphold a pledge not to ban material because of partisan disapproval, starting on Jan. 1, 2024.
Spotsylvania County's superintendent floated the idea as cost-cutting measure before then removing over a dozen titles from shelves.
The iconic Nintendo tune is among 25 recordings selected for induction this year into the Library of Congress' National Recording Registry.
The music icon's debut album was inducted into the National Recording Registry for breaking boundaries and "opening opportunities for other female rappers."
Librarians are worried a retaliatory move from state Republicans would require some libraries to curtail services — or close their doors.