Melissa McCarthy

“Did you take Ozempic?” Streisand asked the comedian on Instagram earlier this week, causing an online fiasco.
The “Funny Girl” star drew backlash after she left — and swiftly deleted — an awkward comment on one of the comedian's Instagram posts.
“I see Barbra has entered her super senior unfiltered era,” one commenter wrote.
McCarthy was giving off obsessed fan energy during her stage time with the singer.
The "Bridesmaids" actor began her career as a drag performer.
The “Little Mermaid” star revealed “someone passed out” once due to an ongoing issue on set.
Peter King responded to critics who ripped Disney for not hiring a queer artist to do makeup for Melissa McCarthy's Ursula.
McCarthy said none of her castmates were behaving during the ridiculous shoot.
Unveiled at the Oscars, the new clip showcases Halle Bailey's Ariel in underwater scenes while giving viewers a full-on look at Melissa McCarthy's evil sea witch.
A psychological thriller and a new "My Little Pony" film are also trending on the platform.