In a memo to staff, the closure was blamed on "pressure from broader economic headwinds" now hitting U.S. newsrooms.
Prerecorded videos of Barrymore will likely still appear, but the MTV Movie and TV Awards show reportedly will be "hostless" and won't feature a red carpet.
The MTV reality series invokes representation as a way to attract viewers, and fails at producing anything imaginative about queer stories.
MTV's "The Real Friends of WeHo" is "what happens when you have gay people but no queer people at the network," one person wrote.
"My body was shutting down, and I went into four seizures," the former "Jackass" star said.
Rob Shuter joins Marc and Alicia to discuss Aubrey Plaza crashing Will Ferrell's speech at the MTV Movie Awards.
The “Super Freaky Girl” rapper's performance was worth the wait.
The actor made his first on-camera appearance since the defamation verdict against ex-wife Amber Heard in June.
The "Montero" artist strutted in an expansive, shirtless look ahead of MTV's ceremony on Sunday.
Celebrities showed up and showed out at the awards Sunday night in New Jersey.