Pete Davidson

“I’m just Pete / My dating life is not discreet / I generate tons of publicity for everything except my comedy,” Davidson sings in his take on “I’m Just Ken.”
Davidson talked about comedy's curious relationship to tragedy as he began the show with a monologue, instead of the typical sketch.
The comedian's dad, a New York City firefighter, died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and he says his mom hasn't been with anyone "in like 23 years."
"SNL" also looks to have a Grammy-winning musician pull double duty as host and musical guest later in the month.
The “Saturday Night Live” alum will likely do his community service with the New York Fire Department, where his late father worked.
“I definitely jumped into another relationship so fast,” the reality TV star admitted.
“I saw a link and sent a deposit, and now I’m stuck with a f**king boat,” the comedian said about a retired Staten Island ferry he purchased with Colin Jost.
“My mom made a f**king fake Twitter account under the name @JoeSmith1355 and would respond to everyone,” the comedian said.
The "SNL" alum is reportedly receiving care for post-traumatic stress disorder and borderline personality disorder.
The "SNL" alum was hit with the misdemeanor charge in connection to an incident in California from earlier this year.