Robert Pattinson

The "Batman" star has dated the fellow Briton since 2018 — and announced last month that they are expecting a child.
The franchise's "Team Edward" vs. "Team Jacob" rivalry made it difficult for the actors to foster a real-life friendship, he said.
"He walked over there, I think, with a stained shirt," director Catherine Hardwicke recalled of Pattinson's early auditions for his breakout role.
Waterhouse, one of the stars of "Daisy Jones & the Six," has reportedly been dating "The Batman" actor since 2018.
“Countless women can’t be anything but grateful and humble but men can rip their franchises’ to shreds.”
“This is like a Macaulay Culkin movie or something," late-night host Jimmy Kimmel told the Argentine American actor after hearing her tale.
The “Batman” actor said that the number of digitally altered videos featuring his face is “bizarre."
It's been 10 years since the final film in the series, but the cultural impact (and hilarity) is eternal.
The long-time actor said he may not be completely done starring as the caped crusader.