Royal Wedding

"It was Meghan's choice," the actor said of the Duchess of Sussex's song selection that stirred guests after her royal nuptials with Prince Harry.
One of the Mulroney twins perfectly summed up how we felt watching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nuptials.
The actress is best known for films like "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" and "Royal Wedding."
It was given to Moya Smith, a royal staffer, who preserved it with cling film and dated it July 29, 1981.
The slice is in pretty great condition, considering it was made 40 years ago.
The Duchess of York has previously spoken about how hurt she was over not being included at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's 2011 nuptials.
From the Duchess of Cambridge doing her own wedding day makeup to the Duke of Cambridge's sweet words at the altar.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appear to recreate their engagement photo in one of the new wedding anniversary pictures.
Assembling the 3-foot cake required removing a door at Buckingham Palace — which Fiona Cairns says Her Majesty certainly noticed.
The Duchess of Sussex told Oprah that she and Harry "got married" three days before their royal wedding.