Samuel L. Jackson

“That s**t is not in the movie! And I know why it’s not. Because it wasn’t my movie, and they weren’t trying to make me a star,” said Jackson.
“They abandoned the hive,” the Marvel actor said of his 2008 wedding gift to the now divorced couple.
The Marvel star said that when it comes to any mentions of using his likeness in his contracts, "I cross that shit out."
Jackson, who is close friends with his MCU co-star, described Larson’s haters pretty harshly.
One Twitter user called the intro, created sans humans, “one of the dumbest things.”
"Samuel L. Jackson does not have good non-winner face," one fan wrote.
Jackson's Fury says he's ready for war all by himself in the Disney+ series.
The actor got an important lesson for his 74th birthday on how "likes" work on social media.
The actor spoke to Jimmy Fallon about teaming up with the children's franchise in October for a spoof of "The Avengers."
New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Hollywood stars like Samuel L. Jackson joined stage veterans at Monday's dedication.