10 Gifts For New (And Veteran) Parents

Gifts that everyone will want -- and actually use!

After the baby showers are over and everyone has stopped by to sip-and-see, new parents often find themselves awash in baby blankets, burp cloths and infant onesies that their progeny could outgrow within a few months. Aside from diapers, more diapers and countless hours of sleep, what do new parents actually need?

To help the families and friends of new parents this holiday season, we’ve teamed up with Walmart to highlight the gifts that new parents will truly want, stuff that first-time moms and dads will use in the initial months of parenthood, and possibly for years to come. From small stocking stuffers to large-ticket essentials, the list below is sure to have that item that even veteran parents will find useful!


From Walmart:

If you have new or veteran parents on your holiday shopping list, Walmart can help you find gifts that all parents will want ― and use ― for years to come. At Walmart, you can snag great gifts for everyone on your list for the best prices. A happy price to help make a happy holiday.

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