22 Products That’ll Make Sitting On A Long Flight So Much More Bearable

Traveling is fun, but the whole sitting-in-a-metal-tube-for-hours thing isn't. Luckily, these products are here to help.

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A genius airplane window tray that you can use to hold your drinks, headphones, etc.
This only works if you have full access to the window (not those seats where you get the weird halves of two windows between the rows in front and behind you).

Promising review: "A friend recommended this to me as a vital travel companion, now that I've returned to frequent flying. I initially thought of it as a novelty, but now that I've used it, it's a necessity. It keeps the workspace clear for my laptop, but it also organizes all the little pieces that can become so annoying to keep up with — glasses, earphones, etc. It got my seatmate's immediate attention, as well as a few other folks nearby. I suspect they'll have one soon. Watch for one soon in a window near you!" — Timothy G. Wolfe
An ultra-supportive neck pillow to make the whole "falling asleep while sitting upright" thing possible
Promising review: "I am a terrible flyer who recently took the red-eye from Dubai to Chicago (15 hours). The Trtl Pillow was a mini lifesaver! I was able to comfortably rest my head on the support and felt warm enough to actually doze off...a rare accomplishment for this skittish flyer. The Velcro works wonderfully with regards to adjustment, and I liked wrapping the fabric around my mouth and nose. Sort of felt cozy...even if I did look like a ninja in a neck brace! Overall, this product has changed the way that I fly, and I am so thankful for this invention and the opportunity to support a small company with big ideas." — S.Viruly
Or a twist memory foam travel pillow so you can doze off in the position of your choice
Promising review: "I’m a flight attendant and I travel with this pillow all the time! In hotel rooms, I use it to support my neck, on the plane I use it to support my lumbar area. When I drive it helps my lower back. I love that it has a liner that can be removed to wash. I bought my boyfriend one too and it goes everywhere we go!" — Debbie
A Kindle Paperwhite to ensure your favorite reads are readily available without having to waste precious packing space
I caved on October Prime Day and bought myself this Kindle Paperwhite, and boy am I glad I did. For starters, I always thought of myself as someone who preferred physical books over e-books. There's just something SO exciting to me about unboxing a book order or walking into a book store and spending way too much money. BUT! After taking two vacations this year and realizing how annoying it is to pack physical books, I decided to just get myself a Kindle. For starters, I'm reading more on this Kindle in the past month than I have all year. It is incredibly lightweight (it fits into my small little BELT BAG WITH ROOM TO SPARE!!!), easy to use and a really great investment! I have three free months of Kinde Unlimited, which means access to tons of great books for free, but the best is Libby! I just go on the Libby app from my phone, choose a Kindle book to check out through my local library, and boom, it's instantly delivered to my Amazon account to add to my Kindle library. It's safe to say I'm obsessed.

It's available in two storage sizes, three colors, and with or without lockscreen ads.
A pair of acupressure anti-nausea wristbands that claim to ward off motion sickness and nausea
For more info on how to use acupressure for nausea management, check out this guide from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Promising review: "These really work! I was skeptical, but they make a really big difference! I suddenly found myself getting really motion-sick on airplanes. Not wanting to medicate myself and be drowsy, I tried these and they work fabulously! No motion sickness, and I actually felt much more calm because the pressure point is also an anti-anxiety pressure point. I won't travel without these!" — Paws
A pair of wireless earbuds with a cult following to make listening to music, audiobooks, shows and movies nice and crisp
Promising review: "Bought these to use on a flight to Hawaii, and I didn't want to spend a bundle on them. They worked great. They have a good sound to them, and did a fair job of knocking out the airplane noise. They made it the entire flight without recharging. I'm very happy with this purchase." — Dane Hewitt
Or a pair of noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones because this super comfy over-the-ear option delivers great sound AND may just help drown out the crying baby a few rows back.
Promising review: “Great sound and comfort! Comfortable fit, noise-canceling works great. Recommend for air travel or whenever you want to escape from outside interruptions. Just flew to Europe and was able to keep headphones on with very little discomfort for the entire 12-hour flight.” — joanne gentile
An AirFly Pro wireless transmitter so you can connect your wireless earbuds to the airplane entertainment system
Promising review: "I loved being able to move around in my seat, eat, and stretch and not get bothered by a cord from my Bluetooth headphones to the video screen on the airplane. It's a game changer for sure. Battery lasted from Accra, Ghana all the way to Texas in the US — 18+ hours in the air! Buying a second one for my son for our next flight!" — Stephanie Schmidt
A pair of compression socks for potentially bringing sweet relief to feet that tend to swell during flights
These are available in unisex sizes S–XXL and 13 styles. Read more about compression socks and swelling on long flights at Cleveland Clinic.

Promising review: "Game changer. I bought these to wear on the plane. Usually when I fly my ankles are swollen for days. These socks kept swelling to a minimum. So glad I bought them." — MeganLucey
A multi-pack of EarPlanes, ear plugs designed to help ease the pain that comes with the sudden pressure change during takeoff
Promising review: "Never fly without these! Before I found these, I endured excruciating pain in my ears upon descent and landing. Felt like a hot poker being driven into each ear. My ears would also be plugged up, and it would often take two to three days for them to resume their normal state of being. I insert them about an hour before landing, as the plane is making its slow descent. I'm comfortable, and the most discomfort I experience is a slight adjustment of pressure in my sinus. NO PAIN. NO TEARS." — K. Tombrella
A seat-back organizer great if the thought of putting your personal belongings into a grimey seat back pouch makes you squirm
Promising review: "Definitely my new favorite purchase to make flying easier. Very easy to slip over the tray table, lots of pockets to keep things organized and at your fingertips. Material is stretchy but not thin, folds up very small, and can be stored in your backpack, purse, or briefcase without taking up a lot of space!! Great product to keep things handy mid-flight and you don't have to use that icky seat-back pocket anymore!!" — Shirley Kinyon
Pond Los Angeles
An ultra cozy hoodie you'll never ever wanna be without, especially when you're on a plane
This comes with eye covers so you can look forward to a comfy flight spent sleeping like a baby. It's available in women's sizes XS–XXL and five colors. Pond Los Angeles is an Asian woman-owned small biz that sells luxury travel products.

Promising review: "I fly a lot and am constantly trying to find a hoodie with a big hood to cover my eyes so I can catch up on some beauty sleep on flights. I saw this product on Instagram and knew it would be a game changer. I was able to use it recently for the first time on an early morning flight, and let me tell you, it is EVERYTHING I was looking for and more. It’s comfy, cozy, oversized, and the eye covers make you feel like you’re in a whole other world and not packed like a sardine on a plane. My over-ear headphone fit perfectly under it and I got the best sleep I’ve had on a plane — EVER! Like other reviews have said, it is big, so size down if you want something a little more snug. I have been wearing it every day at home and can’t wait to get the black and blush ones!" — Heather G.
Or a weighted eye mask that conforms to your face so you can step up the eye cover game
Promising review: "I love this mask, and I wear it on planes or when I want to escape light from a migraine. It's weighted with beads inside but feels great. The mask is black cloth but doesn't get overly warm on my face (I prefer cold relief from migraines). It also blocks out ALL light which I love. I definitely recommend this mask!" — Alexandriabeth
A Nintendo Switch Lite, because you'll get so invested in building your perfect Animal Crossing island you'll forget you're even on a plane
Promising review: “Awesome little system. I like the fact that it's smaller than my Switch so I prefer taking this one with me when I go places. If you can find one, get it. The yellow one looks much better in person.” — Vincent
An inflatable footrest for making your next flight the comfiest one yet
Promising review: "This footrest pillow is essential for those who travel very long distances. It is not only uncomfortable but unhealthy to leave feet dangling down for many hours or days at a time while traveling. I purchased this pillow to situate between my airplane seat and the seat in front of mine. It is wonderful to be able to prop my feet up, with bent knees, while watching movies or sleeping. I regularly fly the same route that is about 30 hours (including layovers), and when I am unable to get a seat upfront, this footrest pillow keeps me more comfortable at the back of the plane." — Yvonne N
A phone mount so you can watch your favorite downloaded shows and movies
Promising review: "If you travel a lot, buy this!! Even if you don't travel, this phone holder would be useful. My hubby and I fly fairly often and I'm always tired of holding my phone or figuring how to set it up during plane rides. This is a game changer for flights. Makes it so easy and convenient to watch movies or s hows during trips. A few people even asked me where I got it from. Definitely recommend!" — Alex Norman
A freezable snack box because traveling when you are a picky eater or have allergies can be stressful
This is also a great solution for storing breast milk and keeping it cold! If you have to pump during your flight and don't want milk to go to waste, this pouch will come in handy!

Promising review: "Recently used this to travel on a flight where no meal was to be served. Followed instructions for freezing before using. I packed some ham, cheese sticks, and mayo packets. Everything was kept remarkably cold. Can't wait to use this again." — TexasGal
Or a large cooler bag if you're looking to bring along full meals rather than just snacks
AND it features a sleeve you can slide over the handle of your suitcase or carry-on!

Promising review:
"I use this bag for work all the time and LOVE it. I’m a flight attendant, so I pack for several days at a time. It gives plenty of space for all the food I need for three days, plus room for ice. The top dry storage is very spacious and fits all sorts of stuff. I love the removable lining, makes it very easy to wash. I’ve never had the bag leak. It keeps the ice cold easily overnight and throughout the day. Mix this bag with the Hot Logic Mini and you’ve got the perfect kit for all your meals." — Lindy
A set of water paint pads that'll keep kiddos entertained and happy on the journey
Promising review: "These are amazing!! Got them for our 3.5-year-old boy and 1-year-old girl for long flights, and they far exceeded our expectations! Both kids love them, and it kept my 3.5-year-old busy for over an hour! Now we bring them with us to restaurants." — Marmar39
Jonley Gifts / Etsy
A pouch of travel game cards, including activities like hangman, tic tac toe, free drawing and more
Jonley Gifts is a family-owned small biz based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina that sells personalized gifts, shirts, and home decor.

Promising review: "So adorable! Out of several similar travel game options, my kids liked this one best. The quality is amazing for the price." — Samantha Grace
A travel blanket and pillow set that's truly a genius solution for cozying up en route to your next destination
All you have to do is unzip the pillow and remove the fleece blanket that neatly fits inside it when you're ready to snuggle up. Plus, you can either slide it over the handle of your carry-on OR use the included carabiner to clip it to your backpack or duffel. EverSnug is a small business that sells travel sleeping care kits.

Promising review: "This product in my opinion is worth it if you are traveling anywhere in the world. I just traveled to five different countries with it and I traveled by airplane, by bus, by train, and in every single one of my travels, this was a godsend. It is so good and so fluffy, and it’s good quality because it has been through a lot and it’s still in very good shape so I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a blanket that can potentially turn into a pillow. I highly recommend it if you’re traveling, it is a beautiful blanket and you will not be disappointed." — Kenlbel
A 100-pack of compressed towelettes ready to expand with just water!
These are a great option if you find yourself in a pickle in the airplane bathroom or if you or your little ones eat a messy snack/spill a sticky drink mid-flight. Portawipes is a small business based in Wyoming that sells compressed toilet paper tablets.

Promising reviews: "I bought a bunch of these and stashed them all over in backpacks and vehicles. Didn’t really think about them until my kids made a mess waiting for a flight that was about to board. Just a little water and it’s basically a washcloth you throw away. Much tougher than I expected." — Fayrae

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