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6 Quick Life Hacks For Everyday Pain Points

Those minor irritations can add up quickly...
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They say don’t sweat the small stuff, but sometimes little annoyances can really ruin your day. Whether it’s a co-worker being passive aggressive, a bumper-to-bumper commute or losing your keys when you’re already running late, these tiny pain points can mean the difference between a good day and a minor meltdown.

But you don’t have to be a pop star to shake it off, and it doesn’t have to take forever to get relief. We partnered with Sensodyne® Rapid Relief toothpaste to share some simple but effective tricks to help you find fast solutions while still keeping your cool, even in the most infuriating situations.

Being stuck in traffic

Is there anything more maddening than an unexpected traffic jam? When your car is crawling down a four-lane highway at 2 miles per hour with the constant start and stop turning your stomach, it’s hard not to give in to that urge to scream. But an hour stuck in traffic doesn’t need to be an hour wasted. According to life coach Stephanie Gailing, it’s important to reframe moments like these into positive learning experiences.

“Have your favorite podcasts on queue so that when you’re stuck in traffic, you can transform a time of seeming stagnancy into a time in which you learn and are inspired,” she suggests. Once you’re in a groove, the so-called stagnant time will fly by so quickly, you’ll be hoping for traffic. Gailing also recommends taking the time to reflect upon a problem you’re trying to solve, or to focus on your breathing and find a greater sense of mindfulness.

Sleeping through your alarm

That big meeting with your boss is at 9 a.m. sharp, but once again, you’ve managed to snore your way through your alarm, and you’re late. If this happens to you at least once a week, you’re not alone. According to the MIT Technology Review, 57 percent of people report pressing the snooze button in the morning, a practice that makes oversleeping that much more likely.

Terry Cralle, a registered nurse and spokesperson for The Better Sleep Council, a nonprofit research hub dedicated to helping Americans get a better night’s sleep, said one way to keep yourself from sleeping past your alarm is to ditch your phone’s alarm in favor of a real alarm clock. “For some,” says Cralle, “using the phone as an alarm may increase the chances of excessive screen time at night and in the middle of the night if you should wake up — potentially delaying or disrupting your sleep.”

Additionally, Cralle recommends ditching those blackout curtains and using the natural light of the morning to jump-start your day. And keep in mind, repetition is essential. Try doing this for three days in a row and see if you notice a difference.

Getting hangry when there’s no food in sight

Preparation is the key to hacking this everyday annoyance, says Stephanie Lincoln, founder and CEO of Fire Team Whiskey Health and Fitness. If you know you’re going to be stuck in a conference room for the next four hours, or you’re planning on driving down a remote stretch of highway where food options are scarce, planning ahead can mean the difference between starving and thriving.

“Stock your purse, car, office desk, briefcase and gym bag with a few non-perishable healthy snacks,” says Lincoln. “Every weekend, grab a few and restock all your bags and car.”

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Managing tooth sensitivity

If you have sensitive teeth, things that are enjoyable for everyone else — like chugging a cold glass of water or digging into an ice cream sundae — can seriously dampen your mood. What’s more frustrating than being unable to enjoy a popsicle on a warm summer day, or having your mouth throb at the mere thought of a hot morning coffee?

Luckily, the solution to sensitive teeth is well tested. If you’re dealing with a quick jolt in some of your teeth every time you drink something hot, cold or sweet, simply switching your toothpaste to one proven to relieve sensitivity will help. With regular use, you can stop cringing before every meal and start actually savoring the flavors.

Dealing with passive aggressive co-workers

You know the ones: We’re talking toxic officemates who smile to your face and then “accidentally” copy you on an email complaining about your desk decor. The people who take credit for your work and talk over you in meetings. It would be easy to relent to their bullying tactics and give them a piece of your mind, but finance blogger Josh Hastings says getting mad is just not worth your time.

His number-one tip for dealing with passive aggressive co-workers is to kill them with kindness. If they send you a sassy email, don’t match their tone in your reply.

“Passive aggressive people love it when you play into their tendencies by emailing them back,” he says. “But never play into their game — that’s what they want!” Instead, he says to try responding in person. It’s much easier for people to be mean when they’re hiding behind an email address, but talking face-to-face can disarm a bully. Being more direct will garner faster and better results.

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Losing your keys

Ever find yourself dashing around the house, overturning couch cushions and shaking out dirty laundry in search of that elusive jingle? According to a 2017 study, Americans spend about 2.5 days a year looking for lost keys. If you’re tired of missing the bus every morning because your keys are NEVER in the right place, you might just need to whip yourself into shape, says certified wellness coach and author Morgan Sheets.

Sheets recommends staying solution-focused. One quick and easy fix — pick a place to put your keys and stick to it. “I got tired of hunting around the house. Now, I have a bowl right inside my door where my sunglasses and keys go,” Sheets says. “When I come in the door, they go in the bowl and they are always to be found in the bowl when I’m ready to walk out.”

You might not be able to control all of life’s little irritations, but with Sensodyne® Rapid Relief toothpaste, you can at least relieve tooth sensitivity, providing relief in three days with twice-daily brushing. Rapid Relief has a unique formulation with stannous fluoride that keeps the discomfort at bay, because you already have enough to worry about!