Aaron Rodgers Challenges Travis Kelce To Vaccine Debate With RFK Jr. And Fauci

The Jets quarterback proposed having the independent presidential candidate in his corner and the former White House pandemic adviser in Kelce's.

Injured New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Tuesday challenged Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to a vaccine debate, proposing that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Anthony Fauci act as seconds. (Watch the video below.)

“That’d be big ratings,” said Rodgers, a vaccine skeptic who grabbed headlines a few years ago for spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 jab and intentionally misleading the public about his immunization status.

He’s got time on is hands now that he’s out with a torn Achilles tendon ― and he used it on ESPN’s “The Pat McAfee Show” to hype a possible showdown.

“Mr. Pfizer said he didn’t think he’d be in a vax war with me,” Rodgers said, referencing the nickname he gave Kelce for promoting immunization in a recent ad by the drugmaker.

“But if you want to have some sort of duel, debate, have me on the podcast. Come on the show! Let’s have a conversation. Let’s do it like in ‘John Wick [Chapter] 4,’ so we both have a second — somebody to help us out. I’m going to take my man RFK Jr. ... and he can have Tony Fauci or some other pharmacrat.”

While the participation of RFK Jr., a prominent anti-vaccine activist who’s now running for president as an independent, and Fauci, the former White House pandemic adviser, would seem far-fetched, a smiling Rodgers looked somewhat serious about holding the event.

After Rodgers debuted the “Mr. Pfizer” moniker recently, Kelce fired back.

“Who knew I’d get into vax wars with Aaron Rodgers, man? Mr. Pfizer versus the Johnson & Johnson family over there,” the tight end said in a reference to Jets owner Woody Johnson, whose family’s Johnson & Johnson company has also manufactured a COVID-19 vaccine.

For the record, the vaccines are safe and effective, both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization assure.

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