Apple AirPods Are On Sale At Target, Amazon And Walmart

These Apple AirPods have thousands of 5-star reviews — and right now, they’re 30% off.
Second-generation AirPods are on sale at Target, Amazon and Walmart.

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If you’ve been looking for a sign to step up your audio game, here it is. Walmart, Amazon and Target are all offering over 30% off on Apple AirPods right now. Take your favorite playlists and podcasts with you on the go — no wires or bulky over-ear headphones — and enjoy up to 24 hours of battery life with the carrying case that doubles as a charger.

Unlike cheaper rival brands, Apple AirPods magically connect to all your favorite devices and can seamlessly switch between your MacBook, phone and tablet when you’re working at home, calling your mom and trying to catch up on “True Detective” all at the same time. Best of all, they use the same charger as your iPhone, so that’s one less wire to get tangled in your big knot of plugs.

They come with a compact carrying case that doubles as a portable charger, letting you continue to listen to your favorite songs and audiobooks as you run errands or commute to work. And they have a built-in microphone and are Siri-enabled so you can take calls and Google the weather without even pulling your phone out of your back pocket.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“These are wonderful! Connecting was as easy opening the case and turning the Bluetooth on on the phone. They are secure in my ears and not like others that fall out. In short, even though they’re pricey they’re worth it.” — Glen B.

“I use the Apple AirPods to listen to podcasts and music anytime I don’t want my listening habits to infringe on the space of others. The AirPods pair easily, are comfortable to wear, have excellent sound quality, and recharge quickly. AirPods are very well made and have all the niceties we’ve come to expect from Apple. Excellent product in ways to numerous to mention!” – John B.

“These are some great headphones, especially if you don’t feel like dropping over a hundred bucks on the newer kinds. They do not have the greatest bass slap but overall the sound quality is crisp and clean. Perfect for people on the go who want a no-nonsense set of reliable bluetooth earbuds. Noise cancellation is decent. Excellent battery life. These would make a great gift too.” — Frazier Barnett

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