4 People Rescued From Boat Dangling Over Dam At Texas Reservoir

The Austin Police Department said an electric boat rented by four people got stuck on the dam without enough power to get free.

Four boaters were rescued from a Texas reservoir Thursday afternoon after their boat came perilously close to plunging over the edge of a dam.

The dramatic rescue took place near the Longhorn Dam on Lady Bird Lake in east Austin after a 911 call that reported the boat was “up against the dam” and looking like it was “going to go over,” according to Austin-Travis County EMS.

Austin police said an electric-powered boat rented by the four passengers got stuck near the dam without enough power to get out, according to KVUE-TV. Adding to the terrifying drama: The spillway was open because of recent rainfall.

The boaters initially contacted the rental company. But the company sent a rescue boat that lacked power against the spillway current as well and also became stuck.

Rescue crews, including a helicopter, were then called for help and captured scary photos and video of the stuck boat.

Life vests were passed down to the four passengers before the vessel was attached to a police boat, which pulled it back into open water, according to NBC News.

None of the boaters rescued required medical attention.

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