Beats Studio Pro Headphones Beloved By Oprah Are 43% Off Right Now

Save $150 off on these wireless over-the-ear headphones right now.
The Beats Studio Pro wireless over-the-ear headphones come in four neutral colors, all of which are on sale right now for $150 off.
The Beats Studio Pro wireless over-the-ear headphones come in four neutral colors, all of which are on sale right now for $150 off.

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We’re a sucker for anything Oprah recommends, and this deeply discounted set of Beats Studio Pro noise-cancelling over-ear headphones made her annual list of favorite things — she called them “the best of the best.” And, as luck would have it, they happen to be on sale for an impressive 43% off right now at Amazon and Target (if you’re shopping at Target, it’s Circle Week ― which means that if you’re a member of the free loyalty program, you get deep discounts on my many items.)

Even the most discerning audiophile will appreciate Beats’ custom acoustic platform, an iconic sound that’s been updated to deliver a listening experience that’s rich, immersive and distortion-free, no matter if the listener is enjoying music, taking a call or giving voice commands to connected smart devices. And they come in four colors: black, deep brown, navy and sandstone.

The brand also promises personalized spatial audio that intuitively tracks the wearer’s head movements to adjust the sound accordingly. And if you don’t want the fully adaptive noise-cancelling, there’s also a transparency mode that allows users to take in their surroundings.

These headphones, which seamlessly pair with both Android and Apple phones, have up to a whopping 40 hours of run time per charge and four hours of run time with just 10 minutes of charging using the Fast-Fuel mode.

Other users of the Beats Studio Pros agree with Oprah that these are an exceptional piece of tech. Read what they had to say or go ahead and snag a discounted pair yourself to get them in time for Christmas.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“These headphones are everything I dreamed they’d be. Many people have told me I could find the same quality or better for cheaper, which may or may not be true, but I’m honestly glad I got these. (They were on sale anyway). Even though I might agree they’re overpriced, they really are outstanding. I don’t know that much about sound quality, and the differences that exist between products, but if I could describe the sound coming out of these headphones: I feel like I can hear every cord on guitars, every beat on drums, and the very vibration in my favorite artists’ voice while they’re singing. This is of course all further improved by seamless noise canceling.

“Obviously, it would not be possible to block out every sound (like the insanely loud truck horns when I go outside to take the trash out), but I will say my family members have had to SHOUT to get my attention at times lol. And I mean they were seriously screaming bloody murder. I really don’t hear anything but music when I have these things on and in noise cancelling mode.” — Zack (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review.)

“I opened the box, put them on a good charge and used them every day for almost two weeks before needing a charge. I use them for watching TV and they sound fantastic. They are really good at noise cancellation and Spacial Audio sound better than my AirPod Pros. Love that I can go a looooong time between charges. The AirPod lasted around 4 hours. These can go up to 40. The only complaint is that the padding is not as soft as the Bose and after 3 hours or so, I would have to pull them off and let the top of my ears get a rest from the pressure... I love listening to older music from the 70s and it really has great bass. I’ve been turning off noise cancelling/transparent mode to get longer life and it has been about 3 weeks of use with only one recharge. One thing is that the carrying case is a bit thicker than the Bose so they might not fit in my favorite carry on bag for my ipod and other gadgets that I can’t live without when flying. Overall I’m super happy with these.” — movin and groovin (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review.)

“Sound signature is warm with emphasis on bass and high end but overall very balanced. Music is clear and can hear every part of the song. It’s very similar to the AirPods Max as far as sound signature is concerned. I’m a huge fan of modern Beats Headphones for their features and price compared to other High End headphones and these delivered everything I wanted for over the ear headphones. I own a pair of Beats Studio Buds and while those are great for earbuds I wanted a solid pair of over the ear headphones as well. The brown color looks really good but it is a fingerprint magnet so if that bothers you I’d say go for the tan color as the black and the blue pair seem to have the same effect. But I personally love the color.

“Paired right up to my iPhone 13 Mini and Spatial Audio sounds fantastic after setting it up in settings. If you’re using Apple Music I’d also suggest turning on high quality audio in the settings. Noise cancellation works great! With music playing it drowns out pretty much everything around you and allows you to be immersed in the music. If you can pick these up on sale I’d say go for it! There’s nothing that compares to these for the 200 dollar price point. I can imagine at regular price of 350 these are a tougher sell as other 350 dollar headphones have a superior build quality with more premium materials.” — Isaac

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