Turn Your Bed Into An Actual Sanctuary With These 17 Affordable Upgrades

These cozy goodies will transform your bed into a sanctuary.
The Buffy Wiggle Pillow, a bedside caddy and a Hatch sunrise alarm and sleep machine.
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The Buffy Wiggle Pillow, a bedside caddy and a Hatch sunrise alarm and sleep machine.

There are those who use their bed for sleep and there are those who use their bed for just about every facet of life, from work to reading to hurkle-durkling — an old Swedish term newly popular on TikTok that describes an indulgent all-day lounge session.

If you consider yourself among the latter and you’re curious about all the ways you can make your bed even more of a live-in sanctuary that it already is, tuck into the list of goods just ahead.

As a proud bed-resident myself, I’ve found comfy essentials like gel-infused mattress pads, gorgeous cotton canopies, convenient rolling bed desks and more items can solidify a bed as the one place that is a true respite from the world.

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A headboard clip-on light
Easily clip this adjustable light on bedside tables or headboards and choose between two brightness levels and light temperatures. The flexible gooseneck can bend 360 degrees to offer comfortable and flicker-free light at any angle. And if you don't have an outlet near your bed, you can also charge the light via USB for a wireless operation.
A memory foam reading pillow
A supportive essential for reading, working or watching movies in bed, this versatile pillow is made from a high-density memory foam that contours to the body. It comes with a removable head rest cushion and a lumbar pillow that can be used beneath the knees or behind the back. Plus, there are three organization pockets, including a designated mug holder. The removable and machine-washable cover comes in 20 colors and the pillow is available in three sizes.
A wedge gap headboard pillow
That awkward gap between your mattress and headboard can become a black hole for lost phones and wayward pillows and just a general source of discomfort. This wedge pillow is designed to fill that gap and help bolster your existing pillows for added neck support. Available in three colors and four bed sizes, it's made from a layer of high-density foam on the bottom with a top layer of adaptable memory foam. It also features small storage pockets on either side of the pillow, and the removable cover is machine-washable.
A luxe cotton bed canopy
This truly luxurious addition can take the ambiance of your bed haven to the next level. Handmade in Bali, this cream-colored canopy is constructed of organic cotton and is large enough to drape over even California king mattresses. The design has two openings that can be secured with the attached tassel ties, and installation is easy thanks to the single-point mount at the center of the rattan frame.
A gel-infused mattress topper
Reviewers have given Linenspa's plush 3-inch mattress pad over 84,380 five-star ratings for its cooling gel-infused memory foam that conforms to your body, relieves pressure points and remains ventilated so sleepers and loungers don't overheat. We've previously reported how spine health specialists say adding a mattress topper to your bed may potentially help add essential back support.
A versatile and flexible body pillow
The delightfully named Wiggle Pillow is an endlessly bendable, snug-able and versatile body pillow that just so happens to look really good on your bed. It's made from a soft and breathable lyocell fabric and filled just enough to be supportive, yet remain perfectly floppy so you can even tie it into a knotted pillow. The cover is purchased separately and comes in 11 different colors and either a fluffy fleece or smooth linen fabric.
A media stand breakfast table
Enjoy a Sunday breakfast in bed or comfortably conduct a business meeting with this highly rated breakfast table. It has a back slot for propping up electronics and a lower front edge to make typing easier.
A mattress vacuum
For all those times when you just want to enjoy a snack or two in the comfort of your covers, this highly rated and crumb-busting mattress vacuum can help clean up the mess afterwards. It promises powerful high suction and uses a professional-grade UV-C light, the most effective among UV wavelengths when it comes to disinfection. It's also equipped with a rapid-heating feature to kill mites and tackle moisture and offers three modes of operation.
A Hatch sunrise lamp and alarm
This latest version of the Hatch Restore is so much more than an alarm clock: It's a bedside luxury designed to help you build a restful sleep routine from the minute the sun comes up to the time it goes down. The alarm gently wakes sleepers in a way that supports natural circadian rhythm while the dreamy bedside light can help subconsciously cue your body that it's time to fall asleep, plus it's pre-loaded with an extensive library of sleep sounds and background noises.
A string of twinkly fairy lights
Cast your bed in a warm and nostalgic glow with this 66-foot string of LED fairy lights that come safely embedded on a string of flexible copper wire so they are easy to secure over bed posts, frames and canopies. You can choose from a variety of settings and lighting modes, including timers so you never have to worry about unplugging your lights before you fall asleep. And thanks to an insulation coating, you don't have to worry about these lights overheating.
A projector stand you can install on headboards
For all those times you don't want to leave your bed in order to enjoy a movie or binge your favorite television series, this projector stand transforms your bedroom wall into your very own theater. Securely and quickly install the stand on the back of a headboard or nightstand without the need for drilling like typical ceiling-mounted projector stands. Its head is also adjustable 360 degrees to allow for projecting at any angle. One thing to note is that this stand doesn't come with a projector. We found this is a well-rated and compatible option, but any 1/4-screw fixed projector devices will work with this stand.
A multi-outlet power strip
Juice up all your most important bedside devices with this sleek charging station that will never leave you wanting for an extra outlet again. The flat surge-protected power strip features seven different power points, including a USB-C outlet for charging laptops. Whether you choose a five-, 10- or 15-foot cord, this power strip can also be used internationally with a plug adapter thanks to its worldwide voltage capacity.
A low-profile bedside caddy
This bed caddy slips underneath your mattress to offer a wealth of organization potential, without taking up any of your precious existing space. It has five pockets, including a water bottle holder and a sleeve for books and electronics so that all of your necessities are within arms reach.
A supportive U-shaped body pillow
For anyone who could appreciate all-around support and the feeling of a good cuddle, this U-shaped body pillow would be a hit. The adaptive design can be positioned a ton of different ways, whether someone is reading on the couch, watching a movie in bed or getting a good night's sleep. It also comes with a cooling cover that can disperse heat, which is perfect for people who run warm.
A simple bedside carafe
Ideal for serving up beverages in bed or simply staying hydrated while you lounge, this heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe and accompanying glass will look very tasteful on your nightstand.
A rolling bed desk
Set on securable casters, this versatile wooden work and entertainment space measures just over 70 inches so it can easily be moved over a bed or rolled against a wall when not in use. There's also an adjustable tabletop section that can that can tilt up to 75 degrees.
A spa-like pillow mist
Refresh your space with this calming pillow mist from Osea. It's a botanical blend of essential oils meant to stimulate the vagus nerve, which is responsible for relaxation. Fragranced with lavender, juniper and chamomile, this spray is compatible with all your linens and bedding.

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