8 Ice Cream Makers That Your Kids Will Go Nuts Over

Make ice cream a treat and a fun activity with these ice cream makers.
Cuisinart soft-serve machine and Rise by Dash personal ice cream maker
Cuisinart soft-serve machine and Rise by Dash personal ice cream maker

Ice cream is the ultimate summertime treat, and making it at home means you get first dibs on that fresh-churned goodness. Plus, there’s no waiting in line or running out of your favorite flavor!

An ice cream maker is a must for most ice cream recipes, and many options are pretty affordable. You can find a number of ice cream makers at Walmart, from the buzzy Ninja CREAMi to the classic Cuisinart.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite options below. Now get cranking!

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This Cuisinart ice cream maker
The Cuisinart Pure Indulgence is a fully automatic frozen yogurt, sorbet and ice cream maker. Simply pop the double-insulated, 2-quart freezer bowl into the freezer, pour in your ice cream base, and let it churn away. The large ingredient spout makes it easy to add in your favorite mix-ins (like chocolate chips and nuts), and the brushed stainless steel exterior gives it a sleek finish.
This Yonanas healthy dessert maker
Turn frozen fruit into a soft-serve-like dessert with this handy contraption. Load the fruit into the Yonanas and voila — a frozen dessert made with 100 percent fruit. It comes with a recipe book to help inspire fruit and flavor combinations.
This Dash ice cream maker
Make ice cream, gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt with this personal ice cream maker from Dash. It comes with a 1-pint mixing bowl, and you access a recipe book online.
This Gourmia ice cream maker
This sleek ice cream maker sits between the Dash and Cuisinart ice cream makers in terms of capacity: 3 pints, or 1.5 quarts. It has a stainless steel exterior and a digital timer, and makes smooth, creamy ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet in less than an hour. Oh, and it also comes with a recipe book to help you get started making from-scratch sweet treats.
This Nostalgia ice cream bucket
While not as high-tech as the other ice cream makers in this roundup, you can’t beat the price of this plastic ice cream bucket. Rather than freeze a bowl, you add ice and salt around the bowl containing the ice cream mixture, which cools down the ice cream base. It’s said to make 4 quarts of ice cream in just 30 minutes, though if you like firmer ice cream, you should let it sit on the ice for longer or put the ice cream bowl in the freezer.
This viral Ninja CREAMi
The hottest ice cream maker of the summer is, sadly, currently sold out, but you’ll want to add it to your wish list or buy a refurbished model at a higher price from a third-party seller if you don’t feel like waiting. True to the Ninja brand, this multitasking appliance has five one-touch programs – ice cream, sorbet, lite ice cream, milkshake and mix-in – that make it easy to get exactly the texture you’re looking for. It comes with four pints, so you can make four different flavors or make extras of your favorite.
This Cuisinart soft-serve ice cream maker
Recreate the ice cream shop experience at home with this neat little soft-serve ice cream maker from Cuisinart. It has slots for holding ice cream cones and mix-ins, and you can pull out the topping tabs to add your favorite mix-ins into your ice cream as it’s dispensed. It makes 1.5 quarts of frozen ice cream, yogurt or sorbet in just 20 minutes.
This Vevor ice cream roll maker
Get in on the rolled ice cream trend from the comfort of your home with this ice cream machine. Simply pour your ice cream base over the stainless steel surface, sprinkle on any mix-ins and watch it solidify before your eyes. Then, use the included food shovels to roll the ice cream into neat little tubes and enjoy.

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