These Are The Best Lap Desks For Working In Bed

Genius and comfortable surfaces perfect for work, reading, eating or watching TV.
A plastic activity desk, a modern overlay desk made from wood and a padded lap desk.
Michaels, 2Modern, Amazon
A plastic activity desk, a modern overlay desk made from wood and a padded lap desk.

The pandemic turned a chunk of the workforce into at-home employees who were suddenly required to turn their dining room tables into desks and spare bedrooms into offices — and two years later, remote and hybrid work is still common. I’ve declined traditional work-from-home spaces and opted to conduct business from the comfort of my bed, propped up on pillows and still in my pajamas.

Incorporating a lap desk has actually made me more productive by providing the illusion of a professional work space and has even made working in bed more comfortable (as if that was possible) since I’m no longer hunching over to see my computer screen.

I’m fully aware that this may be a simple luxury that not everyone can or wants to indulge in. That said, I’ve found many uses for my portable work space beyond just working from home, or in my bed for that matter. Whether you’re a dedicated remote person, enjoy eating from a breakfast tray once in a while or just want some lap activity space, you’re going to want to browse the following list of the internet’s smartest lap desks and tables.

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An adjustable table with built in desk fans
This tilt-top table, hand-constructed from bamboo, can adjust to four different angles and varying heights, while the side surface remains stable to hold beverages or writing utensils. Its best feature might be the two built-in USB-powered fans that can help prevent your laptop from overheating or quickly cool it down once it does.
A ventilated computer table
Handmade from oak and available in three wood finishes, this elevated computer table can prevent your laptop from overheating thanks to the ventilated surface design.
A media stand breakfast table
Enjoy a Sunday breakfast in bed or comfortably conduct a business meeting with this highly rated breakfast table complete with a back slot for propping up your electronics and a lower front edge to make typing easier.
A portable lap table with removable padding
This simply designed lap table features a removable bottom cushion with an anti-tangle cord organizer stitched into the side and an ergonomic front end that fits against your body.
A small adjustable desk
This compact tray table adjusts to eight angles that lock into place while a bottom lip secures whatever is resting on the surface. For comfort and added stability, there are two over-stuffed bolster cushions built into the base.
A 6-in-1 collapsible work space
This versatile fiberglass work surface uses built-in frame magnets to securely position itself in three different modes and three adjustable heights. When not in use, this lightweight desk folds completely flat so it can be easily transported or seamlessly stored.
Bed Bath & Beyond
A vented wood lap table
Built with multiple slots to prop up tablets or books, this wood desk also has two integrated felt mouse pads and a vented center section to prevent your laptop from overheating.
An over-bed sliding draft table
Set on securable casters, this versatile workspace made from wood measures just over 70 inches so it can easily be moved over a bed or against a wall when not in use. There's also an adjustable tabletop section that can that can tilt up to 75 degrees.
A large adjustable laptop table
Ergonomically designed and multifunctional, this laptop table is covered in non-slip leather and has ample surface space to accommodate laptops, tablets, mousepads and paperwork all at once. It even has a removable book stand in the back, as well as slots for a tablet or phone. The sled legs make this a sturdy workspace and it can easily adjust to five different heights and angles to meet your work needs.
Pottery Barn Teen
A sherpa storage desk with a built-in charger
This sherpa-accented fitted lap desk opens to a roomy interior with two organizational compartments for storage and, when closed, provides a roomy work space. There are three different charging ports located at the padded base to keep your gadgets running, and the work surface can adjust to three different heights.
Bed Bath & Beyond
A plush lap desk by Ugg
Ugg's compact and comfy lap space has a padded faux-rabbit fur base and a sturdy durable bamboo top.
A plastic activity desk
This elevated activity desk sits above your lap and has three deep compartments for holding pens, papers and whatever else you may need. You can grab this in seven different colors.
A sleek and modern wood overlap desk
Created by Eric Pfeiffer, a furniture designer with an appreciation for molded plywood, this minimalist overlap desk offers a spacious working surface, an open side storage space to keep all of your important documents and notes within reach and a no-slip corked surface for beverages.
A woodgrain desk with leg and wrist padding
Perfect for using with your laptop, as a work stand or for watching TV on your tablet, this lap desk features two different slots to hold your gadgets and dual underside cushions to make it more comfortable to rest on your lap. There's also an integrated mousepad and added wrist support.

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