10 New And Upcoming Cookbooks We're Dying To Get Our Hands On

If you're lucky enough to get one of these upcoming cookbooks, it'll mean a plethora of new recipes to try.

There’s a chill in the air and soon we will be inundated with resolutions, workout routines and fad diets that likely won’t be around come Feb. 1.

Whatever the new year represents to you, it brings us a batch of new cookbooks ― something we can all agree will be welcomed with open arms.

Spice up your kitchen routine or preorder a gift for that hard-to-shop-for family member. Here are some cookbooks we can’t wait to get our hands on.

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One: Simple One-Pan Wonders (Jan. 10, 2023)
Simplicity seems to be the carrot we are all trailing when it comes to buying food and making meals. Whether you love or hate cooking, washing loads of pans and bowls after supper is something few people like. Jamie Oliver decided to help us all out with an entire cookbook dedicated to one-pan meals. All I hear when I read that is fewer dishes to do, so naturally, I’m sold.
Foodwise: A Fresh Approach to Nutrition with 100 Delicious Recipes (Jan. 3, 2023)
Once the chaos of holiday eating is a thing of the past and meal planning is back to regularly scheduled programming, this is a seamless cookbook to transition you into a daily routine.It contains healthy recipes that won’t make you roll your eyes trying to find a hard-to-find ingredient at the grocery store. Super green spaghetti with zucchini pesto sounds like something you’d actually enjoy.
The Discovery of Pasta: A History in Ten Dishes (Jan. 3, 2023)
Look, if you plaster a noodle on the cover of a cookbook, I will be intrigued. If you incorporate storytelling, history and recipes, I will absolutely add to cart. And that’s just what this book does in a mere 320 pages.
The Whole Vegetable (Jan. 1, 2023)
Regardless of vegetarian standing, this book can be appreciated for its waste-less cooking approach. If you have anxiety throwing away the carrot fronds, then this is the perfect cookbook to start taking important cues from.
The Home Café: Creative Recipes for Espresso, Matcha, Tea and Coffee Drinks (Dec. 20, 2022)
Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of coffee drinks out there? This book can calm you down a bit. If you’re trying to save that $5-a-day coffee habit, pick up this book to start your barista journey at home. It doesn’t hurt that it’s gorgeous to look at, too.
Around The Table: Delicious food for every day (Jan. 1, 2023)
Organized into neat little chapters, this tome from author Julia Busuttil Nishimura can help with weeknight meals or slow Sunday mornings. Instead of focusing on one cuisine, Nishmiura introduces readers to a beautiful range of foods. From beloved Italian meals to Japanese cuisine, there’s something to learn for everyone.
Sweet Enough: A Baking Book (March 28, 2023)
Finally! A new Alison Roman cookbook. Roman claims that even if baking intimidates or doesn't interest you, her latest cookbook has something for everyone, from salted lemon pie to a perfect breakdown of what any sundae bar could ever need.
Totally Kosher (March 21, 2023)
Chanie Apfelbaum saw major success with her blog Busy in Brooklyn, in which she makes trendy kosher recipes that are uncomplicated and delicious. Now she’s a published author teaching us the latest in kosher cuisine.
Nourishing Vegan Everyday: Simple Plant-Based Recipes with Color and Flavor (Jan. 3, 2023)
I’ll be the first to admit that some vegan recipes are a bit daunting. But it seems this book has straightforward recipes that even my meat-eating brain can comprehend. From cashew cauliflower to garlic tofu noodles, it’s nice to try something new without huffing and puffing around the kitchen.
The Blue Zones American Kitchen (Dec. 6, 2022)
"Blue zones" are the five places around the world where residents purportedly are more likely to live to or past the age of 100, making this cookbook the perfect choice for starting off the year on a healthy note. You’ll never ask, “What should we do for dinner?” if you have a cookbook full of more than 100 recipes.
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