Read More Comfortably In Bed With The Help Of These 6 Pillows

These loungers, wedges, body pillows and more will help you slip into the coziest reading position.
A plush memory foam seat pillow with a bolster and a 54-inch long body pillow.

If you love to read, it’s not hard to get sucked into a good book. What can be challenging, however, is finding a comfortable and supportive position in which to read for hours on end without hurting your neck, back or wrists.

“A few years ago, after witnessing me strategically place a good five or six pillows around myself in order to read in bed, my mother sent me a reading pillow in the mail,” said HuffPost Shopping writer and avid reader Tessa Flore.

Flores, who runs the HuffPost books newsletter, calls the reading pillow her “book buddy” and said its an internal part of keeping cozy and comfortable when getting into a new story.

To help you set up your perfect reading space, we asked some of our favorite book lovers and #BookTok content creators and consulted some reviews for the best pillows for reading in bed.

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A plush memory foam seat pillow with a bolster
HuffPost Shopping writer and books newsletter curator Tessa Flores loves this sizable memory foam seat pillow and matching bolster pillow that was a gift from her mom.

"First off, it's massive, which means it feels like it's providing support from every angle, from my neck to my arms and, most importantly, my back," she said. "It's also filled with shredded memory foam so it has the perfect amount of give, but is firm enough to keep me upright, without sinking."

Flores added that she likes using the included bolster pillow under her wrists as she's reading. "It's been really helpful in making sure I don't strain my neck downwards which has notoriously given my severe neck pain in the past."
A 54-inch long body pillow
Kevin T. Norman, a #BookTok content creator on TikTok and moderator of the Say Gay Book Club, recommends this long body pillow for comfort and support during reclined reading. "I love it because I can lay it on my stomach to support my book/Kindle and wrap my legs around it for extra cuddle comfort!" Norman told HuffPost.
A U-shaped support pillow full of micro-beads
For all-around support that engulfs you as you read, many Amazon reviewers like this U-shaped pillow that's filled with soft micro-beads. You can recline on it for back support or turn it around and use it as an ergonomic desk to give support under your arms if you're typing or writing on your bed or couch. The cover is removable and machine-washable to keep you extra fresh.

"This is exactly what I wanted for reading in bed," reviewer Kindle Customer 179645 said. "This pillow provides excellent back support and is stylish, too! I'm very happy with this pillow."
A colorful foam chair pillow with multiple pockets
If you like a chair that's pillow style but want something a bit more compact, reviewers love this option that gives support through the back and arms. The back pillow is 18 inches high and 15 inches wide and has a stain-resistant cover that can be wiped clean with a rag or thrown in the washing machine.

"This pillow has changed my life," Amazon reviewer Mrs. PDA wrote. "I use it every night on my bed as I like to read, watch TV, and paint pictures on different color apps on my tablet. I wish I had bought it a long time ago. It's a must for back support."
A whimsical Squishable
If you're looking to add a little fun to your reading routine, Eric Price, a horror, fantasy and sci-fi #BookTok content creator, recommends finding a sturdy stuffed animal or character pillow that you like. Price has this green-hoofed unicorn.

"I use [it] pretty often to read in bed and on the couch,” he said. “It's soft but still solid enough to make a good arm support or something to lean on while you read."
A wedge-shaped moveable headboard pillow
Get the best of both worlds with this long wedge pillow that can serve as both a reading pillow and a headboard for your bed. It comes in 8 colors in twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes to span your entire mattress, and it gives a pop of color to and comfort your space as well as versatile support. Use it to rest your head and shoulder or move it to the bottom of the bed for propping your legs and feet.

"Gorgeous pillow! Perfect for reading or watching TV," wrote Amazon reviewer Alice. "Substantial. Sturdy. Comfortable."
A memory foam wedge pillow
A straightforward reading pillow, this memory foam wedge is a big triangle that helps you get support while you're lounging. It's made from memory foam and can be be turned and flipped to fit your perfect position. "Life changing!!" said Amazon reviewer Cathy S. "My back doesn’t hurt when I read and work while in my bed. Eliminates the need to use so many pillows just to get comfortable. Great support for my lower back."

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