24 Gardening Products That Have Rave Reviews For A Reason

Two green thumbs up to a little personal growth this summer.
A watering hose timer, a self-watering window planter and a garden kneeling stool.

Popular items from this list include:

• An outdoor composting tumbler with dual chambers that just uses sunlight to transform food scraps into nutrient-rich compost.

• A pack of potato growing bags.

• An ultra-flexible and lightweight garden hose.

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A hori hori garden knife
Promising review: "I rarely leave a review unless I think something is truly an excellent product. This is the BEST hori hori I've ever owned! I've owned several during the last 20 years, and this one stands the test of time. I'm not always easy on some of my gardening tools; this knife has routinely been left outside in the dirt, rain or shine. It's still in excellent shape after seven long years. I decided to buy a second one for my greenhouse. It's comfortable in the hand, strong enough to cut roots with the serrated edge, and long enough to use for planting bulbs, prying up weeds, and digging holes for 6-inch pots. If you only buy one tool, this is it." — nancy thompson
An indoor herb garden
This set includes seed pods forGenovese Basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil, mint, and a 3-ounce bottle of plant nutrients. Available in two sizes and three colors.

Promising review: "I’ve done traditional gardening and hydroponic gardening outside and hated both. The heat, the bugs, ugh! This little thing is awesome! My produce grows easily on my countertop and I don’t have to do anything but watch them. Wish I would have found this before investing $500 in a lettuce grow system. I’m going to be ordering a second one of these to grow tomatoes and cucumbers." — A. Corbett
A personalized garden tote
This set includes a tote bag with two lines of text (you choose the thread color and font!) plus a digging trowel, planting trowel, and garden cultivator.

Promising review: "I absolutely love it. I highly recommend it for anyone who's looking for something a little different. The color and my name is awesome." — Virginia
A soil moisture and pH meter
Promising review: "Are you still wondering what the soil pH is in your garden? I discovered this handy little tool that gauges the soil pH. I love how easy it is to use. And easy to read. There’s no guessing — the screen is completely clear and tells me what the pH level of my tomatoes are so I can up the acidity level if needed. Also, good for hydrangeas, which need to be pretty alkaline, which is lower. This stands out from all the other testers because this one is the most accurate to me. Ain’t nobody have time for soil to be off in my garden. Happy planting!!" — AE
A raised garden bed
Available in three sizes and three finishes.

Promising review:
"I bought two of these elevated wooden planters and like them so much I may add another. They arrived well-packaged, with all the necessary components and a clear assembly guide. The only tool I needed was a Phillips screwdriver. I treated the fir wood with a penetrating wood sealer for added protection, installed a drip irrigation system, and look forward to harvesting lots of basil, lettuces, herbs, etc. for years to come." — Robert Borson
A hose watering timer
Promising review: "I use mine for several gardens, and in two years of owning it I haven’t had any breaks or leaks. I don’t abuse mine but it’s still pretty awesome. Despite full sun and rain exposure I haven’t had a battery change or a fault. I would recommend it." — Bjørn
A set of 10 plant markers
Promising review: "I absolutely love these garden stakes! I’m new to gardening and each stake was marked 'sun' and 'moist' which lets me know where to plant it and to water frequently so my vegetables/fruit don’t dry out. I needed a couple of stakes for fruits and vegetables that were not shown in the picture. I messaged the seller with a list of about 13 or 14 vegetables/fruits that I’m planting in my garden and they provided me with a stake for each of those items. Customer service was beyond my expectations and the stakes arrived about five days sooner than I expected. The stakes measure anywhere from 2 inches in length to 5 inches in length (my stake for corn is 2 inches and my stake for watermelon is 5 inches). If I could give these 10 stars I would. I will be buying more!" — Kathleen
An outdoor composting tumbler
Promising review: "This is a good sturdy composter. We're heavily into reusing our used organic material. We were using a local composting company, but they got too picky about what material we could give them, so we struck out on our own and compost all our organic leftovers. We have a large garden and can now put this organic material back into the soil. The garden is just thriving!" — S Bradbury
An indoor/outdoor self-watering window box planter
Available in two sizes and three colors.

Promising review:
"I bought the larger size and used it to plant basil, parsley, and thyme, and it works great for that. The self-watering concept makes it really easy for me, as I’m a total newbie when it comes to plant care. Just add water in the hole and the soil drinks it right up!" — Momma Elf
A potting soil that protects against over-watering
Available in five sizes.

Promising review:
"My newest house plant/tree needed to be replanted in a bigger pot since it was getting a wee bit big for the pot so I was excited Amazon had this stocked! After opening I noticed how nice and moist the soil was inside the bag which was huge points because I’ve noticed most times when purchasing online it’s usually bone dry. Will continue to order! Price point is perfect for the amount you get!" — DesiDinks
A garden kneeler and stool
Promising review: "This was a gift for my wife who started gardening this spring. She loves it! Says it's a real back saver. Serves as a bench for sitting or lower for kneeling while working at ground level. The gloves are also very useful for digging and loosening dirt around plants." — Bruce
A pair of Fiskars pruning shears
Promising review: "It comes good and sharp and ready to kick....um, cut wood, right out of the package. I would get a good sharpener for it, as it will become your go-to tool in the garden. Mine was used to cut ALL the small branches from a huge downed eucalyptus tree and was still sharp enough to delicately snip off some flowers from mom's bush without bruising the stem. Still, I have a sharpener on the side if/when I will eventually need it. As always, Fiskar is a sturdy quality tool. I look for it when getting garden or hobby/craft tools every time!" — Chrystal Kay
A flexible and lightweight garden hose
Available in seven sizes.

Promising review:
"I had to replace my heavy duty hoses (that came with the home we bought) and get far lighter hoses. Dragging and maneuvering a hose around flowers etc. without mashing or breaking them, is a trick. I couldn't take it anymore. I love these hoses. They crank up into the hose storage easily and though light, do not hamper water flow. I love them." — artgirl
A stand-up weed puller
Promising review: "I don't ever write reviews, but I felt compelled to give credit where credit is due. I am no gardener. Just a simple working mom, with little time or knowledge about how to upkeep my landscaping. This product made it a no brainer! We get TONS of little weeds all over our (already desert landscape) front yard. Getting down on my hands and knees every week or so was just getting to be too much. Saw this product and decided to give it a try. You don't know what you're missing until you try it. Worth every penny — super easy to use, REALLY WORKS! Fast and easy. Would totally recommend this product to anyone interested in fast and easy weeding." — Brett K
A seeding template
Promising review: "I almost didn't purchase this item because it seemed pricey as a measuring tool. However, I'm so glad I gave it a shot. This tool has saved me countless headaches trying to plant my spring garden. Not only is it study, but the color coding system is super easy and foolproof. My beans are growing in perfectly spaced straight rows. My broccoli has just the right amount of elbow room. It thrills me to look out at my garden plants and visually see the organization. The attached tools are handy, especially the poking tool with depth measurement. Again, so easy. This would make a perfect gift for the gardener in your life! I know I will be gifting it since I've enjoyed mine so much." — Dana Ellis
A 10-pack of seed-starting trays with ventilated covers
Available in three colors.

Promising review:
"Everyone knows how it feel to buy a product that is exactly what it says it is. Such is the case with this seed starter kit. Well made and sturdy, they will last a few seasons at least. Easy to manage smaller size compared to the larger, longer sized trays I've used in past seasons. I'm glad I found them and the vent on the top is useful." — Mrs. Mukhan
A pack of 45 garden ties
Available in five sizes.

Promising review:
"These straps work pretty well and can be easily expanded since it’s using Velcro to stick together. I use it for my zucchini plant and fruit trees. It holds well and seems to be easier on the plant stems since it’s much wider than the wired alternatives. I recommend giving extra buffer when cutting. This way you can expand as the plants grow. These are much easier to adjust than my old wire setup." — DivideByZero
A 2-pack of solar-powered garden lights
Promising review: "I am totally obsessed with these lights. I bought my first set and had them for about a week and couldn’t get over how lovely they were. So I have now purchased two more sets. They have a lovely orange cloud, and they light up my flowers and azalea bushes beautifully. They have a lovely orange glow like little fireflies." — A Lombardo
A galvanized garden bed
Available in three sizes and five colors.

Promising review:
"These came in exactly as ordered! They were a little tedious to put together, but we got it done and we’re pleased with their size (4x8) and the way they look. Our summer garden is under way!" — CB2325
A root growth hormone
Promising review: "This stuff is amazing. Allowed me to propagate all my plants that were on the brink of death. I’m excited to grow and propagate tons of stuff now! Works so fast, these started rooting in just a week under my grow lights." — Christina
A stackable planter
Available in four colors.

Promising review:
"I absolutely love this! I have used it to plant strawberries, lemon balm, English ivy, creeping Jenny, cauliflower on top, lavender, oregano, and parsley. It hooks together easily, and it can be taken apart if you have to move it. It normally stays outside, however we are having a winter freeze right now so I had to bring it in. I am constantly sending the link to my friends and family because they love it also." — Cynthia Stoker
A five-pack of potato growing bags
Promising review: "We bought the bags to try growing vegetables, herbs and fruit (tomatoes). We travel full time so the ease of transportation is terrific. Using new potting soil and so far all the plants have grown and produced well. The bags are holding up and we plan on using them next year." — Paula
An 10-variety herb garden seed set
Promising review: "I love the fact that I could order seeds I needed instead of buying large packages from retail stores and throwing away unused seeds. One can only plant so many herbs. There are plenty of seeds for a season with this order. Great job!" — jn
A set of four stackable mini garden trellises
Promising review: "Sturdy but lightweight trellis! Extension works great. Narrow enough base for small pots but it widens to provide a good area for climbing. Wouldn’t be a good choice for mature large plants — not what this is intended for. I think my young plants will do quite well with these." — kelly

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