These Are Amazon Customers' Favorite Car Accessories

From gel that removes every single crumb to an emergency escape tool, these items are actually genius.
Seat cushion and seatbelt cutter
Seat cushion and seatbelt cutter
Seat cushion and seatbelt cutter

For many people, their car is both a necessity and the most expensive item they own. No wonder many people have such an emotional attachment to their vehicle. (Shout-out to everyone whose car has a name.)

Your car gets you where you need to go, provides a safe space for singing at the top of your lungs, and doesn’t judge your road rage. But what have you done for it lately?

Show your ride some love with these bestselling car accessories on Amazon. (Sticky gel that gets up every crumb? A must.) While you’re at it, load up on the top-rated vehicular safety items, like an emergency escape tool. Hey, better safe than sorry.

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A seatbelt cutter
Imagine being trapped in your car because your seatbelt won’t budge. New fear unlocked? For less than $12, it’s worth it to stash this seatbelt cutter in your center console. It also has a pointed metal hammer that can be used to break glass windows or windshields.

Promising Amazon review: “Purchased these and placed them in my vehicles. These items are great to have in case of emergencies where it is not possible to open the doors, the seat belt cutter and glass breaker always give you the ability to egress from a damaged vehicle.” — Ivan Larriviere
Water repellent wiper blades
It’s downright dangerous to be stuck driving in a rainstorm with subpar windshield wipers. Think like a scout and be prepared by keeping a backup in your glove compartment. More than 90,000 people have bought and rated this pair, with the vast majority giving them a perfect rating.

Promising Amazon review: “I recently purchased the Rain-X wiper blades for my vehicle, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed with their performance. Installing them was a breeze, and from the first swipe, it was evident that these blades mean business. They effortlessly clear away rain, dirt, and debris, providing me with clear visibility even in the heaviest downpours. The design ensures a snug fit, preventing any annoying streaking or skipping across the windshield. Overall, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. These wiper blades are definitely worth every penny for anyone looking for reliable performance and durability. Highly recommended!” — Wazir Ali
Car cleaning gel
This sticky gel is guaranteed to get up every single crumb hiding in your car. It can slide in hard-to-clean places like seatbelt slots and air vents. Clean freaks: This will be your new obsession.

Promising Amazon review: “Pulidiki car cleaning gel is a highly effective and innovative product for keeping your car interior clean and tidy. I recently tried it and was impressed by its performance. The gel easily molds into hard-to-reach areas, such as air vents, cup holders, and crevices, and effectively lifts dirt, dust, and debris without leaving any residue.

One of the standout features of this cleaning gel is its reusability. After use, you can simply store it in its container, and it will maintain its cleaning properties for multiple uses. This makes it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice compared to disposable cleaning wipes or sprays.

The pleasant lavender scent of the gel leaves the car smelling fresh after cleaning. Additionally, it is non-toxic and safe to use on various surfaces, including plastic, glass, and leather, making it versatile for all interior cleaning needs. Overall, I highly recommend Pulidiki car cleaning gel for anyone looking for a convenient and efficient way to maintain a clean car interior. It's a great addition to any car care routine.” — Jaren Parker
Interior cleaning spray
Leather, cloth, glass, plastic…This spray is formulated to clean them all effectively. It doesn’t leave any gross residue either. Just spray, wipe, and you’re good to go.

Promising Amazon review: “I was looking for a good cleaner for my brand, new car, and this works perfectly. The smell is really nice and it’s not super overpowering and it does a great job without leaving an oil residue behind.” — Melany Sanchez

Microfiber cleaning cloths
It’s so darn frustrating when you take the time to clean your car and streaks are left behind. The key to avoiding that from happening is using microfiber cleaning cloths. Pick up a pack of 12 for just $10.

Promising Amazon review: “After wasting cash on other brand's ‘20-pack’ or ‘30-pack’ of microfiber towels that ended up being super thin, flimsy, and not good at all, I decided to try this 12-pack from USANOOKS. When the towels arrived they were a useful size (16" square) but best of all, the material was thick and what I was hoping for in terms of quality. Cleaning glass was a breeze with these towels, and they took a long time before getting loaded up (when they no longer absorb). I've been using the same towel for a couple of weeks now for general cleaning, these will last much longer than the cheaper stuff.” — Jay R.
Car trash can
If you spend a decent amount of time in your car, it’s going to accumulate some trash. That goes double if you’re a rideshare driver and triple if you have kids. The best way to keep it from looking junky is by having a car trash can. This one has a lid to minimize odor, side pockets, and is leak-proof.

Promising Amazon review: “I bought this for my car a while ago and it's been a great addition to my car. I put it behind my passenger side seat as I usually don't have people with me and I drive daily to and from work. This has helped keep my car much cleaner with the easily accessible trash can within arms reach, and me no longer having straw wrappers around my cup holders all the time.

They come with two of their own bags, I believe, but I generally don't have any liquid waste that leaks into the bag at all, so I just dump it and reuse it. When the time comes that I don't have the provided bags anymore, I'll probably just use a plastic grocery bag in place of it.

Some of the reinforcing strip/stick thingys were a bit too long or I didn't know where to stick them, but I put them in a place that seemed to help the can keep its shape a bit better, otherwise no issues with that. From the photos I had expected the opening to be made of plastic pieces, but it's more of a pleather material, if you couldn't tell (I couldn't). That doesn't affect performance, though.” — Bethany Roberts
Gel seat cushion
Get ready to have the most comfortable car seat in existence. A combination of memory foam and gel, this seat cushion will keep your tush comfy even on long road trips. It supports the lower back to prevent soreness after driving for hours.

Promising Amazon review: "As a truck driver, my son struggled with tons of pain in his back and bottom. Trying numerous cushions prior to this one only left him frustrated and in more pain. This was the one though that finally gave him pain relief, didn't make him sweat or cause his legs to go numb. Great quality. Highly recommend.” — Tracy Crouch
Air freshener vent clip
Nothing downgrades a ride like having to endure nose-plugging odors. Keep your car smelling fresh with these Febreze air freshener vent clips. A pack of three is less than $8.

Promising Amazon review: “The product is small, the scent is fresh and nice. I am so in love with the scent. It freshens my entire car and lasts for weeks. It can easily fit on your straight AC vent. Definitely recommend and will be repurchasing.” — Christina Whyte
Car battery jump starter
At $100, this car battery jump starter is an investment, but it’s absolutely worth it. It’s straight-forward and easy to use, jump-starting a dead car battery in seconds. It can also be used to charge any smart devices with a USB port, including phones and tablets.

Promising Amazon review: “I love this device and will likely never go without one again. It's a reliable and easy to use jump-starter, power bank, and seven-position flashlight all-in-one, so what's not to like? I would recommend this NOCO device to anyone who owns a car. Consider it one-payment insurance with no wait, delays, or co-pay.” — J Grant
Handbag hook
If you carry a bag, you likely appreciate when bars have handy bag hooks under the counter. This is the car version of that. The hook secures around headrests so you can have your bag at arm-level without taking up the middle seat or stashing it on the floor.

Promising Amazon review: “They are great for the price. Solid and holds my groceries well. Easy to put on. Stays secured but can be removed with a little effort.” — Vince S.
Portable air compressor
This portable tire inflator has a digital screen that accurately reads tire pressure. A little low? No problem! This baby has you covered. It even has a flashlight so you can use it in the dark.

Promising Amazon review: “I was so tired of my tire pressure changing due to weather and having to have garages balance my tires. I wanted an independent fix and bought this product and I have to tell you, I never want to be without it again! Super simple to operate and since it uses your vehicle's 12V charger (same that you use for your cell phone), you don’t have to worry about keeping it charged. I suggest you keep it in your vehicle. It’s super affordable and so easy to use. The instructions are straightforward but I suggest you watch a YouTube video as well. Definitely buy this product!” — Tracy Bozarth

Phone mount
Having to look down at your phone in your lap or cup holder to follow directions isn’t just annoying, it’s dangerous. This phone mount suctions right to the windshield and will keep your phone at eye-level so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. The size is adjustable so it fits any size phone.

Promising Amazon review: “Easy to install and use. This is by far the best phone holder I have used so far. It suctions to the window is extremely strong and adjusts easily.” — Rodney

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