These Water Bottles That Have Gone Viral On TikTok Are Actually Worth It

You may already know about the Stanley cup and Hydro Flask, but these other water bottles are just as beloved.
The Stanley Quencher cup, a motivational sports jug, the Owala 40-ounce tumbler and a versatile glass tumbler.
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The Stanley Quencher cup, a motivational sports jug, the Owala 40-ounce tumbler and a versatile glass tumbler.

I’m sure I speak for many when I say that a solid reusable water bottle encourages me to stay not just hydrated, but also emotionally supported — a bafflingly relatable feeling that’s validated by the 157.4 millions views under the #emotionalsupportwaterbottle hashtag on TikTok.

Whether you’re traveling, working or partaking in the lighthearted cultural phenomenon that likens a water bottle to a security blanket, your water vessel of choice can be a sacred decision and, according to TikTok, a polarizing one.

Many users on the app have weighed in on the best water bottles out there, and we compiled some of the top contenders into the shop-able list below. Maybe you’re on the hunt for a vacuum-insulated tumbler that will actually keep your beverages cold or perhaps you could benefit from a space-conscious bottle designed to actually fit inside your bag.

Whatever the case may be, hydration is just a quick scroll away.

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A Frank Green ceramic water bottle
Aside from their electric color selection and sleek design, Frank Green's water bottles are loved for their ability to keep contents hot or cold for hours. This Australian brand's reusable bottles are made with a durable stainless steel base and lined with ceramic for a better taste. They also feature a spill- and splash-resistant lid that uses a stainless steel straw, rather than plastic.
A stainless steel Hydro Flask
Vacuum-insulated and durably made from professional-grade stainless steel, Hydro Flasks are some of the most loved water bottles around. The temp-shield insulation keeps contents cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12, while the easy-to-sip straw lid keeps liquids from leaking. In addition to the variety of color choices, this bottle can also be found in different sizes and is compatible with a number of different interchangeable drinking lids.
A vacuum-insulated Yeti
Yeti has a longstanding reputation for crafting insanely durable drinkware that keeps beverages cold or hot for long periods of time. Their line of tumblers and water bottles are made with a vacuum-insulated stainless steel and a brushed exterior that's resistant to condensation. Their supply of interchangeable lids, accessories and bottle sizes is also part of the Yeti appeal. For instance, this 36-ounce jug features their chug cap, however, you can also get the popular magnetic slider top that pairs with their tumblers.
The famed Stanley Quencher cup
Somehow, seemingly overnight, the Stanley Quencher cup became the internet's favorite and most coveted drinking vessel and it's been selling out left and right. This insulated and dishwasher-safe tumbler features a double-wall vacuum-insulated design, a rotating lid and an anti-spill top.
A less expensive Stanley cup alternative
TikTok users have been referring to the Owala tumbler as an affordable alternative to the cult-favorite Stanley Quencher, although thanks to its rise in popularity, the Owala is becoming just as hard to get your hands on. With this handled stainless steel mug, you can expect a splash-resistant lid, double-wall insulation to keep drinks hot or cold for longer and a 2-in-1 lid that lets you sip or swig.
A filtering LifeStraw bottle
You may already be familiar with LifeStraw, a portable filtering device that has stood up to rigorous lab testing protocols for water filters and is an essential for frequent backcountry campers and hikers. Now, the brand has combined its filtering wonders into a BPA-free LifeStraw water bottle that's capable of removing 99.99% of all waterborne bacteria, parasites and micro-plastics and will provide 4,000 liters of fresh drinking water in its lifespan. It’s also available in a larger stainless steel version.
A space-saving flat water bottle
Perfect for the person who has zero desire to lug around a bulky water bottle, yet still wants to stay hydrated, this "memo bottle" by A6 is the perfect companion. It's constructed of a freezer-safe BPA-free plastic and features a reliable silicone seal in the lid so it's 100% leak-proof. Plus, the thin notebook-like design means that it can easily slide into any book bag or purse. You can grab this in four different sizes.
A versatile glass tumbler
This half-gallon jug is made from food-grade borosilicate glass fitted with a sweat-proof silicone sleeve and time-marked with motivational quotes. The pop-top lid allows you to drink from either a straw or a standard mouth opening and the wide handle has been conveniently notched in order to hold your phone — perfect for some television show binging while on your lunch break.
A 3-in-1 water bottle
Produced in Holland using net zero carbon methods, this lightweight water bottle can be sipped from in three different ways: the small mouth screw-off top, the wide mouth opening and from the cup that doubles as a lid. The Dopper is also BPA-free, dishwasher safe and comes available in 11 colors.
A motivational sports jug
Sometimes you just need some words of encouragement to help you reach your goal, and this half-gallon-sized BPA-free water jug by Venture can be your personal water-drinking cheerleader. Bedecked with phrases like "keep chugging" and "don't give up," this leak-proof water bottle features a snap closure lid and a removable soft straw to provide multiple ways to drink. Plus, the large capacity means you can spend less time filling up your bottle throughout the day and more time drinking.

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