Winter Camping Goods From Amazon

From jet-boil stoves to insulated sleeping pads, these are big and small items that will make a major improvement to your outdoor excursions this winter.
A beanie with headlamp, military-grade wool blanket and electric hand warmer.

You can enjoy the outdoors all year long. However, when the temperature starts to drop, there is some handy equipment you’re going to want for your own comfort and safety.

If you’re looking to get into spending more time outside this winter or already know you love camping in the cold, we rounded up the best items on Amazon for making outdoor time in the cold as comfortable as possible.

From fast-boiling stoves to insulated sleeping pads, these are big and small items that will make a major improvement to your outdoor excursions this winter. We thought of everything from your head to your toes to keep you cozy this fall and winter as you get some fresh air.

Best of all, lots of these items can be used in warmer seasons or in your home when your winter camping days are done. We hope you find some things to help you get outside this winter while still staying cozy and warm.

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An insulated sleeping pad
If you're going to be spending the night outdoors in cooler temperatures, you'll be happy to have an insulated heated pad to bring some warmth below you. This one blows up in 10-15 breaths and is made from a bunch of smaller pockets that contour to your body, making it comfortable for belly and side sleepers as well as back sleepers. It has an R-value of 4.5, meaning it'll be warm in all seasons.
Tent stakes for snow or high wind
Made for use in sand or snow, these wider and longer tent stakes will ensure your shelter stays in place. They have a "U"-style to make the stake stronger in the ground as well as a variety of holes, allowing you to support weather and rain flies over your tent as well.
A Jetboil instant camp stove
When we spoke to real families about tools to take camping with kids, a parent recommended the Jetboil Flash outdoor stove, noting its speed and ease for making a cup of hot coffee the moment you wake up. Speed and ease are also things you want in camp cooking during the colder months. Boil water for snacks, pasta or a hot beverage in seconds without having to worry about getting all your cooking gear together or a whole fire started.
Weatherproof fire starters
Even the most experienced campers will struggle to start a fire with wet wood. Made to withstand windy days and wet surroundings, these odorless fire igniters are easy to carry and will help you start and keep your campfire going.
An electric reusable hand warmer
The Ocoopa reusable electric hand warmer is a longtime fan favorite here at HuffPost, for both indoor and outdoor use. If you know your hands get cold, you'll be happy to have this baby that has four to six hours of use per charge. It can also be used as a backup battery to charge your phone.
A set of fleece-lined thermals
With thousands of five-star reviews, this set of fleece-lined thermal underwear will keep you toasty as you enjoy the outdoors. They're moisture-wicking, keeping you dry, but also retain heat, making them an ideal base layer for the whole family.
A military grade outdoor blanket
This military-grade wool blanket is fire-retardant and can keep you warm even when it's wet. It measures 64 by 88 inches, so it's easy to share, and is machine-washable for added convenience. Use it for some extra warmth and coziness outside or enjoy it on your couch or bed; it comes in multiple colors.
A cozy beanie with a built-in headlamp
A bright idea: This cozy beanie has a built-in flashlight, keeping your ears warm and your hands free as you enjoy the outdoors. The light is removable and rechargeable at home, and the beanie comes in a huge selection of colors and patterns.
Baffin's unisex insulated puffer slippers
Like a puffer coat for your piggies, these insulated slippers are really warm, meant to trap in heat and keep your feet toasty. They have a slip-resistant nylon bottom that you can use to quickly step outside for a few seconds, though you'll want to use them mainly in your tent or cabin (or when you're at home!) to keep your feet cozy.
A soft sleeping bag lining
Feel extra cozy in your sleeping bag with this soft liner. Choose from cotton or polyester to add a little extra comfort to your sleeping bag (and to keep your bag extra clean). You can even use it on its own when camping in warmer weather or take it traveling with you for a little protection from bedding at hostels or hotels.
A lightweight hiking backpack
With an inner wet pocket and detachable waist pack, this budget-friendly hiking backpack will up your outdoor game. It has a capacity of 40 liters, but is still super lightweight with all sorts of pockets and sections to keep you packed and organized.
A fleece-lined full-zip hoody
If you’re spending time outdoors this fall and winter, you’ll love this snuggly fleece-lined hooded sweatshirt. The ribbed cuffs around the wrists will keep warm air in, and the fleece hood is extra cozy.
A queen-sized double sleeping bag
Snuggle up when you’re camping with this queen-sized flannel-lined double sleeping bag. It’s perfect for couples as well as families, or single campers that like a lot of space to to move as they slumber outdoors.

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